Despite demands from some users, Facebook says it won't be adding a crucifix reaction...


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If you’re one of Facebook’s 2 billion monthly users, you probably noticed the rainbow flag emoji that was rolled out early last month. Most people welcomed it as a way of celebrating the LGBTQ community, but not everybody was happy with the addition, especially some conservative Christians who are now demanding a cross reaction emoji be introduced.

The rainbow reaction was part of Facebook’s celebration of online diversity during Pride month. For many, it also felt like a tribute to the rainbow flag’s creator, Gilbert Baker, who died in March.

There were some - including openly conservative Christian Hikmat Hanna - who argued that as Facebook brought in the rainbow emoji, it should also add a crucifix icon. Arizona-based evangelist Joshua Feuerstein noticed the plea and lent his support to the 'crucifix reaction' campaign, which has so far received over 28,000 likes and almost 9500 shares on the social network.

As many have pointed out, one of the issues with the crucifix emoji is that should it ever make an appearance, it would lead to calls for religious symbols for Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, and other faiths to be introduced in the interests of fairness.

But the crucifix is never going to happen, anyway. A Facebook spokesperson told the Huffington Post: “This reaction is not actually available on Facebook, and is not something we’re working on.”

Feuerstein made headlines in the past when he unsuccessfully tried to order a cake from a Florida baker that read “We do not support gay marriage.” He also lambasted Starbucks for failing to mention Christmas on the red cups it introduced during the holiday season.

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I would love nothing more than to have all the religious *****s boycott Facebook. Religious posts on Facebook are the most annoying posts outright. Religion is like a penis. It's great that you have one, but you should probably keep it hidden in public.

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Geeezzzeeee ..... what's the big deal? Isn't zuckerberg ready to come out of the closet yet???


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If they add the crucifix then they have to add a pentagram, star of David, upside down pentagram, the wheel of Dharma, Trident of Shiva, Yin tang, and so on and on and on.... What we're waiting for is really the thumbs down.