Device Drivers won't install successfully?

  1. Hello guys, I need some help here. Actually, my PC (laptop) does not recognize any device drivers. Whenever I try to connect a Phone to my laptop there appears the driver installation dialogue box appears but the driver won't install successfully or install but the device won't connect.
    In My Computer, there is no disk that appears after I connect the phone. Please guys I need some help here and I'm sure you guys will.

  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Sounds more like the software for "Phone" is incompatible.

    With "Phone" hardware and software removed, does system run? Do you have a solid starting point?

    Once you have that, then review information about 'Phone" and confirm it is compatible with your system based on specifications. (I.e., Linux drivers will not work in windows, etc).

    If you want more help than that, you have to provide specifics about 'Phone" and PC.

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