Devs pull Zombie Survival mode from Battlefield 2042 immediately after release for awarding...

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Facepalm: Last week, Battlefield 2042 got a new mode called "Zombie Survival." Initial reviews were mixed, but players only got a few hours into the post-apocalyptic shooter before DICE pulled the plug.

Ripple Effect is a studio that helps DICE with expansions and game modes. Ripple's Senior Designer Justin Wiebe explained that they removed Zombie Survival and replaced it with a "Gun Game" mode because it borked the game's progression system. Evidently, the zombie addon wasn't grindy enough because it awarded too much experience.

Wiebe was vague about when or if the zombie mode would return, saying only, "Hopefully, we can fix it in the future and keep it in alignment with standard game progression."

"I'm not going to lie, this one shouldn't have gotten through our review process," the dev apologized. "I think our desire to create a fun zombies mode clouded our ability to see such a simple thing like the impact it would have on progression. I'm very sorry for the hardship this has caused."

When DICE launched Battlefield 2042 last November, it exemplified everything an online multiplayer game should not be. Within days of its release, 75 percent of BF2042's reviews on Steam were negative. The reasons for the poor reviews are so wide-sweeping that the game could reasonably be considered unfinished.

Its terrible performance earned it the eighth-worst title on Steam's Hall of Shame just three days after launching. Even after some fixes, the game remains on the worst 100, falling (or rising?) to 14th.

The backlash was severe enough to cause a shakeup in DICE and EA management and has EA considering making the game free-to-play. However, when you have developers more worried about the game's progression system than fixing the other multitude of problems, making it F2P is not likely to help.

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It is actually really terrible. I bought it just so I could see how terrible it really was. It's so choppy, and the textures are all wrong. It isn't even any fun to play. Bad Company 2 was probably the best one and I would take a remake of that over this pile of garbage. They should create a new game and hand it out to all the people who paid for BF 2042.


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2042 isn't really that bad of a game, it just isn't a AAA worth $60. Or, $100 game if you add in the cost of the 1 year pass. It is just overhyped and they spent more on cinematic marketing trailers than the cost of development. It's really only worth $10-15 with the 1 year pass included. I've played it at my friends house and it was "okay".

I will say that the people who paid $130 for digital deluxe edition at release deserve to have lost their money and only encourage broken COD clones.


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2042 isn't really that bad of a game...
Compared to what? "Barbie and Ken go on a vacation"?

Compared to literally, all previous Battlefield games, even Hardline, it's the worst Battlefield game ever made, and by some margin.

But if you're comparing BF2042 to "Airport Simulator 2014" yeah, I guess it then seems like an alright game?


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There are just so many things that are irritating about 2042. After BF4 the focus on animated menus with pointless cut scene introductions - look pretty once but if you could just turn it all off and have a simplified interface for selecting load-outs etc. that would be a start. And the annoying animations with comments at the end of each round - who the hell signed that off as a good idea? Any stupid padding that gets in the way of getting into games or just delays getting you to the menu you need - strip it out (or show it once only).
The graphic glitches, poor balancing (weapons and teams), game breaking bugs (when keyboard and mouse just stop responding) are just the sprinkles on the excrement sandwich that this release has turned into. So there was a mode that meant people didn't have to grind for months to unlock a slightly different skin on the tank - does anyone really care? Fix the bugs, remove the irritating fluff and add some more maps and maybe you might have a game worth playing.


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If the voice acting was played by AQUA, I would play that lol. "come on Barbie, lets go party"!!

Back to Battlefield, it's a shame it failed so hard :(
It's a shame but kinda expected, when the guy who directed candy crush came onboard, you knew it wasn't going to end well, then dig a little bit harder to find out all the talent had left so EA had to get multiple development studios in to make the game, and then you hear there's no campaign at all. Yeah, this is going to be worse than a Chinese knock off version of any old battlefield.

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The IP deserves to die so that maybe a competent studio can work on it or something similar.

Inb4 having two 3090s makes the game bearable


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They have made mistake after mistake with this title. It's still shallow and unfinished.
Never thought I would prefer COD:MW over a BF game but it's happened.


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I know it's haute couture to hate on BF2042 right now, but don't we all want them to succeed in the end? I mean, I don't want the Battlefield franchise to die.

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I know it's haute couture to hate on BF2042 right now, but don't we all want them to succeed in the end? I mean, I don't want the Battlefield franchise to die.
I bought every battlefield title since 2, and I say this from the bottom of my heart: **** the IP.

If it succeeds then every half-assed design decision will be vindicated. It will be confirmation that they can push out garbage over and over and the retarded consumer will lap it up. Why make a polished game when you can rush half-finished trash to market and morons will line up to preorder?

The people who knew how to make a real Battlefield title are clearly long gone, and with the success of Warzone/MW2019, you’re going to see those cash grabbing features pop up in every AAA title for years. Season passes, stupid skins, flavor of the month gamemodes like battle royale variant #2747482847, all while cutting quality of life details, game features, private servers, and sterilizing any player customization out of fear of it offending some infantile *****.

Get this through your head: games now prioritize profit over fun. They’re full of psychological tricks to keep you playing, and open your wallet just one more time over fear of missing out. Timed seasons, daily missions, “skill” based matchmaking, all of it. If the IP goes free to play it’ll be a thousand times worse.

The studio and every dipshit yes-man involved in this abortion should lose their jobs and the IP should be buried in the desert for a thousand years.


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I know it's haute couture to hate on BF2042 right now, but don't we all want them to succeed in the end? I mean, I don't want the Battlefield franchise to die.
The franchise was pretty ropey from the BFV launch. BF2042 though is definitely a nail in the coffin for me. It honestly is that bad, I recommend giving it a go then getting a refund, just to experience how bad it is.
Before playing, go and have a few BF3/4/BC2/1/5 matches, you'll quickly realise this franchise is now dead, EA have made sure of it, it's just a Chinese knockoff COD clone now.