Diablo 2 Bnet error

By PimpPanther
Dec 29, 2008
  1. Hey, I had a problem i was wondering if you guys could diagnose it for me.

    In diablo 2, after I log in with my username and password, and select my character as i press okay,

    it opens the please wait window, and freezes my computer, which is the first problem

    not permenently you see,
    just long enough for the second violen swoop in the music to play which is 1+ minutes, and often(37ish%) of the time,

    then it sends me to battle net, in which, I can see and join games, ladders, and all else, except chat

    I cannot view chat, add friends, talk to friends, view online people, or be seen as online by others on b.net,

    my 3rdish and worst problem, whenever I leave a game, it disconnects me from battlenet, and makes me enter my password again, and select character, and wait through the frozen wait window again

    If there is a problem with my ports, which i suspect, you will have to walk me through opening them

    if its relevant, my setup is
    Windows XP home edition 32 bit
    1 gig ram
    Gateway 507GR
    Linksys Wireless internal internet card
    linksys wireless router connected to a cox router

    plee-az help meh
  2. CCT

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  3. PimpPanther

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    thanks for the reply

    I checked it, and those ports are open on my computer, but i cannot figure out how to open them on the router

    any chance I could get a walkthrough?

    I use cox high speed internet
    through a linksys router and a wireless linksys router
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