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By Julio Franco ยท 52 replies
May 22, 2012
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  1. Im sorry to all the players who love Diablo 3 and God bless you all but this game in my opinion is a slap in the face to veteran Diablo players and to the Diablo franchise itself. The loot is boring and useless, almost zero social aspect at all, unending bugs and mysterious error messages, alleged hacking and account compromises, horrible lag, Elites mobs are 10 times harder than Act bosses, near impossible to gear up properly and D3 is devoid of any true customization and every toon you build will be cookie cutter. The RMAH (real money auction house) is the true driving force of the game rather than old school trading which in its own right forced players to interact and in the end formed a good tight knit community. Blizzard took everything that made Diablo 2 a long-lived success and just scrapped it thereby reinventing the wheel. If your a Diablo 2 veteran don't purchase D3 till it has some serious adjustments made. Sorry but those are my thought and I'm not alone.
  2. This game is a huge waste of time. The Blizzard politics of WOW have taken this completely over.

    it doesn't matter how high your magic find gets (which is really not very high) you will still just as rarely find anything as if not having magic find at all. The only increase you will get is blue and useless yellow items. They actually tried to promote that there is no limit to the magic find hinting that Diablo 2 was limited.

    You will be around second act of hell mode when you realize you are 58-59 under geared and that the experience dulls because of the level cap of level 60 when you have to grind 1-2 million gold per piece of equipment to be able to have any kind of fighting chance to make it to Diablo in act 4 hell. This actually would have been remedied if the level cap was 99 like it should have been, then you would be able to experience becomeing more powerful instead of struggling against thousands of bosses just to grind enough gold to buy 1 object in the auction house.

    The story line was a huge improvement by about 1000 times, it's just a shame most of it is in books you need to pick up, which you will not pay attention to and only pick up for achievements.

    Diablo 3 is the perfect example of Capitalism gone crazy to make sure that you 1. go back to WOW and keep paying $15 per month until the expansion comes out.

    I have been waiting over 10 years for Diablo 3 to come out and they didn't even make it full 3D. I feel very upset and cheated that they only tried half way to make this game a wonderful experience yet underhandedly reserving 80% what it should be to pad their pockets later.

    DO NOT purchase this game! it is a huge slap in the face to loyal Diablo fans and is only meant to make addicts of the next generation of players, while discarding the old school players.

    The whole feel of the game is that you know some executive little weasel is sitting in a throne some where undermining everything wonderful about the original 2, setting a stage to make you buy expansions of long waits to unlock little pieces of what diablo should be in 2-4 expansions of years of wait, to make sure you go back to WOW and pay your monthly fee and get ready for the next expansion.

    you are also not permitted to comment on battle.net about diablo 3 if your WOW account is frozen.
  3. I am a Diablo fan from 1, 2 and now 3.. I bought the game, and it was NOT a huge slap in the face. It was exactly what I had imagined. Diablo 2012.
    Places like this are for the haters.. There are more happy people that read the comments but dont care to comment because they are happy with the product. All the flamers just feel that need to be heard because their parents didn't pay attention to them. There is no reason to cry in comments because you didnt like something. I dont like certain flavors of ice cream, but I know that some people do like those flavors.
    Should I flame the Ice Cream makers Facebook page for making ice cream flavors I do not like? Should I find an article reviewing the flavor that I do not like and slam them for liking that flavor?

    If you dont like the articles on a website and dont like the games that are being reviewed, then why are you reading the reviews and commenting on how much you hate them? Your opinion is not important to anyone but yourself.
    When you hit the Return button after a flamer post, do you press it really hard and make a dramatic exit from your computer chair and demand that your mom get you some fried chicken skins?

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