Digital Storm unveils Bolt small form factor gaming PC


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Custom-built computer vendor Digital Storm has announced what it claims is the world's thinnest gaming machine. Measuring just 3.6 inches thick and 14 inches tall, the Bolt PC packs a good amount of punch inside its svelte chassis, including an...

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But how many $999 so called gaming PC's out there are THAT small and don't look like a plastic crap that's the question.


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$999 for i3 and gtx650 ? good deal ?

I never understand why people buy Pre-built PCs these days where you can get custom setup cheaper and more powerful and if you don't know how to put it together most PC shops and sites can do it for you for small fee and still cheaper..
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Seriously, I LAUGHED when I saw someone trying to sell anything with an i3 for 1000 bucks. and a GTX 650. ahahah...even HP doesnt do crap like that.


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Power supplies need to shrink. They're always the biggest part of a souped up mini pc, but at least it's all internal here. Now all it needs is a handle.