Dimension 8300 Video Card issues

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I have this Dimension 8300 I am working on, I bought a Radeon 9550 and installed it.

1. I updated the chipset
2. Downloaded the latest driver for it on the ATI website.
3. Maxed Virtual Memory
4. In BIOS Iincreased AGP memory from 128 to 256.

With that being said I am still getting very choppy movement out of this card. Even worse, after every reboot, I lose graphics card settings. This is a first for me.

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you,

can you post the rest of your specs? what game are you running ? and i assume you mean that you increased your aperture from 128 to 256?
I just looked up your card and its not a gaming card, ddr memory @ 200 clock and 325 core clock. your not going to be able to run any of the newer games with this card at all. if cost is an issue, you can get something like a ati HD 3450 with dx10 and SM 4.1 for $50.00 wont run Crysis or Fallout 3 on the highest settings but it has fill rates in the GT's and GP's and a 725/800 Mgz core/mem.
Well I'm not playing games, this is a budget card pretty much used just for basic computing, nothing special. Either way $40 card or $50 card I don't see why the video would be so choppy, you know? With everything being up to date on driver installs, you'd think this would work fine. After a reboot the card loses it's settings. I can log off and log back in and the settings will be right where I set them before. But once I do a reboot, the PC boots back into what looks 800x600. I don't get it! :mad:

Kinda in need of help, Thanks a ton fellas!
oh sorry Dust, i assumed when you said video you meant games.my bad, you should send a message to 'Rage_3K_Moiz ' this guy is the resident V-card expert on here. I bet he will have an answer for you.
good luck

I fixed the problem... Not sure why I didn't check it earlier, either way! I checked msconfig and selective startup was selected. I clicked the Normal Startup radio button, rebooted and BAM! the settings stayed. The owner of the pc was on the phone for weeks with tech support with Dell and after I found it the owner was like "ohh ya, he did have me change stuff in there". Hope this helps someone else!

*EDIT* By doing this it also fixed the choppy video.
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