Direct View LED TVs are LG's laughably large answer to Samsung's The Wall

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What just happened? LG has upped the ante in the ultra high-end home theater display category with the introduction of its Direct View LED Extreme Home Cinema Display. The concept is similar to Samsung’s The Wall TV, except that instead of focusing on commercial use, it’s meant for home theaters.

Setups are being offered in a variety of size and performance configurations, from modest 2K setups to 8K configurations, in varying screen sizes.

The 2K option is offered in four size configurations, according to LG’s product page, including a Dual2K Ultra Stretch format that takes the screen size up to 196 inches.

LG’s 4K option is also offered in four different size and format choices, including a base 4K Ultra HD setup measuring 163 inches and a Dual4K Ultra Stretch configuration that’s 393 inches wide.

If that’s somehow still not enough, perhaps an 8K configuration will fit the bill. The granddaddy of them all, the 8K Ultra HD 325-inch model truly puts the theater in home theater. This model features a pixel pitch of 0.93mm and boasts LG’s Deep Black Technology as well as a contrast ratio of 150,000:1 (@10 lux). LG says the minimum recommend viewing distance is just 5-6 feet, but that seems awfully close for a screen of this size.

It also weighs 2,222 pounds and consumes up to 16,560 watts, but those likely won’t be barriers for anyone seriously considering this option.

All Direct View LED Home Cinema Displays come with a five-year extended warranty and three years of LG Total Care Health Checks, in which an LG authorized pro will visit twice a year to ensure all components are performing to specification.

Pricing and availability weren’t mentioned, but if you’d like LG to contact you regarding specifics, you’ll need to fill out the form on LG’s website to get the ball rolling.

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"Dual4K Ultra Stretch configuration that’s 393 inches wide."

So the "Dual 4K" is bigger than the 325" 8K?

And how long before commercial movie theaters start using these?


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Imma be honest with you, my house doesn't have nowhere near enough power to run the biggest one at 16,560W. when assembled it won't even fit the front door since the 325" diagonal size translate to roughly 160" tall or just little over 4 meters.


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I wonder how this will be shipped from amazon
Good Question! I shopped an exhaust system for for my Suzuki "Sidekick", and on the shipping page they said, "this might have to be cut up for shipping and welded back together upon arrival".

So, maybe you should have a gallon of Crazy Glue or 5 minute epoxy on hand if you're planning on buying from them.. :rolleyes: