DirecTV considering taking on Netflix

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Apr 27, 2011
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  1. DirecTV recently asked a subset of its customers to fill out a web survey that was pretty much all about Netflix. The company was interested in Netflix usage patterns, and also proposed the same two options Netflix has for movies: physical discs and online streaming. DirecTV openly asked its existing satellite television subscribers what they think of a DirecTV version of Netflix, according to Zats Not Funny!:

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  2. Hopefully someone can come out with a netflix type service with current movies. Now that would be something worth paying for. People paying to watch old stuff...netflixs...who would of ever
  3. Watch old stuff?
    Old or new is perspective. If I have never seen a movie, then when I watch it for the first time, it is new to me. Get it?
  4. lawfer

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  5. Sorry but I have limited time..If I wanted to watch old stuff I would go down to my local bargain bin and get a ton of movies for the $9 you are spending or better yet get it for free on the internet. I want new stuff (stuff that at least came out the same year).Like when a DVD comes out it should be on Netflixs too...but its not...they have no new movies...its all old stuff you could see on Directv. And why would I pay for that?? but I guess people do...same as people pay for crappy Anti Virus when you can get better for free.
  6. lol, you don't think Netflix would offer movies immediately after they come out if they could? The movie industry would charge ridiculous sums of money for that to happen. Your Netflix monthly bill would jump from $9 to $50. Also, Sony is partially to blame. They are the ones that won't even allow Netflix to send out movies (on DVD/BluRay) for the first 4 weeks of its release. It'a always the movie industry's fault. Seriously.
  7. MilwaukeeMike

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    It's the movie industry's fault? Well, it's THEIR movie, which they made with the purpose of making money. If they give it to Netflix for cheap they'd lose the money made from other rentals or On Demand. And there's a good chance they can't anyway, they may have a distribution contracts with cable companies, HBO, Blockbuster, etc. Ever wonder why the NFL is on Fox on sunday, ESPN on monday, ABC sunday night and NFL network on Thurs? Contracts. Blame netflix for not outbidding and getting their own.

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