DirectX 9.0c compatible trouble, please help

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Sep 25, 2004
  1. Limited2no1

    Limited2no1 TS Rookie


    I would suggest you fill in your hardware profile with the actual specs of your current system .Your machine is relatively new and I am not sure if you need a hardwae ugrade.<<<<<<<WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN....U CONFUSED ME.......COULD YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN IT IN A WAY THAT I CAN UNDERSTAND.........AND IN REGARDS TO THE GAME ADAPTER OR VIDEO CARD OR WHATEVER I WOULD LIKE TO SPEND AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. :confused:
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Limited2no1, try installing graphics driver from here.
  3. sara4sims

    sara4sims TS Rookie

    How much is a new graphics card? Where do you put it? What card should I get?
  4. Sims2Guy96

    Sims2Guy96 TS Rookie

    Sims 2 I Need Help!

    I need someones help. Sims 2 on my computer will not run. It keeps saying to make sure driver and stuff is compatible. I just want to play my game. How would i go about this problem and play y game as quick as possible? PLEASE HELP ME!! :bounce
  5. Liquidlen

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    You need to right click the " My Computer " icon > click on "Manage" click on "Device Manager" under system tools on the left side.
    This will bring up a window that contains all the hardware on your machine .You will see that you can open up by ckicking on the little plus signs.
    Write down the model and name of your video card(under Display adapters) Hard drives just a couple of your main components, including which Windows you use and what version it is.
    When you return to Techspot Click on your "user profile" ( top of any page) and put as much of the info you have in there.
    This information is critical for us to help you, just be patient .
    I will watch for your answer.
  6. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    Run dxdiag and check that it says "Direct3D Acceleration: Enabled".


    Test Direct3D to see if DirectX9 accelerated textures work. The dxdiag test isn't comprehensible though, so even if that passes fine, the graphics card might not have the proper features required for Sims 2. Some other tests or games could help in this, like 3DMark05 or 3DMark03.

    I'm still testing this, but you could try editing Sims 2 configuration a bit:

    Go to the directory you installed Sims 2, and edit TSData\Res\Config\Graphics Rules.sgr with Notepad.

    Go to section

    # Determine if gfx device is supported, force software rendering if not

    setb useSoftwareRasterizer false

    Change that "false" to "true".

    You could also check if there are any logs My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Logs.

    My log says this (and a bit more):
  7. sara4sims

    sara4sims TS Rookie

    I think u have to go to a computer store and buy a card. Not sure though.
  8. pinkgarbage

    pinkgarbage TS Rookie

    Yep, unfortunatly I'm ANOTHER one with the Sims 2 and I can't get working. It's the usual; my something doesn't support DirectX 9.0c, or something along those lines. I've looked at the DirectX Diagnostic thingy and, apparently, the device name is "SiS 6326" (manufacturer SiS), and the chip type is "6326 AGP Rev H0". It also tells me that the main driver is "sis6326m.drv" (version: 4.11.0001.1300 [English]). Now I found a link on one of these threads that sounded quite useful and I downloaded something with the name "uvga3_363a" from driver3.sis site but, when I try to install it, it tells me that the system cannot detect the device and that I should check that the device is configured. What is the device of which it speaks? I'm not sure what configuring is, and do I even have the right thing here that I'm trying to install-will it help me run the Sims 2? Is the Sims 2 even worth all this bother, or shall I just return it and save everyone the hassle? Please can you help me, I'm not particularly hot with computers (unless it's playing Zed the Android), any advice or suggestion will be greatfully recieved, especially if it's helpful.
  9. Limited2no1

    Limited2no1 TS Rookie


  10. sara4sims

    sara4sims TS Rookie

    Ok, yesterday, I went to the mall. I asked the guy what to do and he said to buy another card. He didn't have any! He said they cost anywhere from 80-400 dollars. Now THATS alot! Anyways, I didn't have enough money, so now I'm playing it only on my grandmother's computer. Good luck and if anyone needs help, PM me and I'll help you! :)

  11. Nataya

    Nataya TS Rookie

    Okay, here's a new question. I've been playing the Sims 2 happily for 2 days on my grandfather's computer. (BTW, This game is definitely worth trouble, it is awesome.) However, this morning my grandfather successfully got rid of some DLL files associated with his old graphics card which had long since been gone. Now the Sims 2 gives me this same menacing error everyone's having trouble with. We've downloaded every driver update for the GeForce 5200. It won't help. But it isn't our card because I've been playing the game already! We've done nothing to the card, just deleted those old DLL files.

    Please help. I've got Sims trapped in the game. :rolleyes:


    Edit: We've fixed the problem. It may have been a problem unique to our PC, but just in case this is someone else's problem, too....

    I went to The Sims 2 > Support > EasyInfo.exe
    [The Sims 2 Folder is usually in C:\Program Files\EA Games]
    EasyInfo gives you an overview of the things you need to run Sims 2, and whether or not you have them all. The green checkmarks and the red X tell you what you need to improve on your computer. Our problem was the Display Memory was set at 0.0 and the game needs 32.0. Thus, there was a red X. :suspiciou

    I told my grandfather and I think he went into some DOS function to set the display card to what it's memory should be (128.0). Now the Sims 2 works as well as ever. If anyone else has this problem, let me know. I can probably get him to explain how he change the settings in detail.
  12. Angel7

    Angel7 TS Rookie


    :angel: Hey! I'm Melanie Angelina Gallegos.

    I got The Sims 2 for Christmas and everytime I try to play it, a box comes up and says something about failing to find any direct x 9.0 graphic adapters. I really want ot play it! My frien got The Sims 2 for christmas too and it worked on her computer. I even downlouded and installed direct x 9.0 3 times and it still says the same thing whenever I see if it worked. I have windows XP and I have Java installed in it. my computer is an hp pavilion mx70. Please tell me how to or where I can get direct x 9.0 graphic adapter because I've tried looking for that and it's all sooo confusing!
  13. howard_hopkinso

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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    The situation with Sims2 is as follows.

    You need a graphics card(graphics adaptor) that is capable of supporting DirectX9.0c.

    You also need to have DirectX9.0c installed on your computer.

    The driver for the graphics card must also support DirectX9.0c.

    You can go Here and download the Sims2 system checker that should tell you if your system is capable of running Sims2.

    If it is not then you will need to buy a new graphics card. I would suggest either an ATI or Nvidea Card, Just make sure that whatever card you get supports DirectX9.0c.

    Regards Howard :wave:
  14. SilkCutBlue

    SilkCutBlue TS Rookie

    if you want to play games on your pc you really have to get away from on-board gfx

    it is worth the money. if you don't have an AGP slot or PCI-e then go for standard PCI
    there's lots of inexpensive cards on the market that will do the job
    as howard has said, just make sure it's direct x 9.0c compatible
    it will say on the box/manufacturers web page if it is or not

    and if you do buy one, make sure you disable the on-board before putting in your new card.

    the Sims 2 system requirements are low in comparison to lots of other games
    unfortunately, i've just remembered you wont find a PCI card that is fully direct x 9.0c compliant

    it should, however, run direct x 9.0c drivers if i'm not mistaken :confused:
    but, no manufacturer will guarantee this
  15. Smithy

    Smithy TS Rookie

    im just wondering if you guys can tell me wether my graphics card is fairly decent? its a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX -420

    is that any good ?

  16. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    Not really, it's about the slowest graphics card you can buy as new these days.
  17. ~!*Melissa*!~

    ~!*Melissa*!~ TS Rookie

    Hi yes I have been having the same problem since october! It just comes up saying that DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapter or something like wasn't found or something and I even bought a ATI RADEON 9550 card and it says on the box "DirectX 9.0 support and the Sims 2 box says "ATI Radeon 7200 or greater;" what do i do? I really want to play this game and i'm beginning to get really frustrated. Is it because I have a SUPER low amount of room left on my computer because I only have 44MB left! Is that why? Help!!!!!!!!!

    Oh! And I also have a Windows XP Pentium 4 computer. It's only like a year and a couple months old.
  18. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    Welcome to TechSpot

    Have you tried reinstalling DirectX 9.0c and display drivers?

    Low disk space shouldn't cause that kind of message, but you should try to free up some space regardless.
  19. ~!*Melissa*!~

    ~!*Melissa*!~ TS Rookie

    What kind of display drivers? How do you uninstall and then reinstall both DirectX 9.0c and display drivers?
  20. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

    My previous link leads to ATi's display driver pages, where you just select your Windows version, "Graphic Driver", Radeon family. Download the package (the first one is sufficient, although with slow connection you could download the driver-only package from dial-up section) and run it.

    In my opinion, there's no need to uninstall previous drivers.

    Similarly, just run DirectX 9.0c installer (didn't it come with Sims 2?).
  21. SKY43

    SKY43 TS Rookie


    hey u guys okay all i want to do is play the sims 2 , but i as everyone i recievec the "error message" on my screen about the "direct x 9.0 ......"
    now as soon as i saw that i downloaded it of the web just to make sure , but no help ,its driving me insane , please help me if u kno how!!!!!!!!!!!!

    name-intel (r) 810 chipset graphics driver
    Manufacturer-INTEL corporation
    Chip type- N/A

    i think thats the info im supposed ta give pleezzzzze help me !!!!!

    i would greatly appreciate it just reply as soon as possible if u have the answer
  22. Mictlantecuhtli

    Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345   +11

  23. m0j0_working

    m0j0_working TS Rookie

    Sims 2 is go! Direct x 9 and Savage 4 probs.

    Great call from Colum on 11-24-2004.

    Sims 2 is now working well with Savage 4 thanks to his directions. Pity I didn't pick up on his solution a few hours ago.
  24. Angelkitten21

    Angelkitten21 TS Rookie


    can sum 1 help m please.
    i have tryed to download directX compatible graphics adapter for my sims 2 game but it dosn't work.
    I am not good with computers
    but need help please help me. :confused:
  25. Dafriz

    Dafriz TS Rookie Posts: 25

    Lost his patience

    Ok i understand that most ppl that come to tech support sites dont know that much about computers.. which is understandable... but i read 2 full pages of ppl saying why isnt it working?? wats wrong?? and most of the time about to keep my head from blowing up..... so i only skimmed through the last page.. i also understand its ppl who play the sims.... So i can understand that they knew nothing about system requirements for games since the sims was pretty low for requirements when it came out and i sympathize for all of u cuz this is prolly the first time u have ever ran into this problem.

    To everyone with a problem with directx9.0c plz post up your video card....
    You can run dxdiag which u can find by just going to start, search, and search dxdiag.. post what your video card is...
    If anyone tells u it is not directx9.0c compatible then tell us if u have an agp port ... if not u will need to buy a pci video card to play The Sims 2.
    If u need to get a card i would suggest going to
    and under video cards look up radeon 9200 128mb they are completely directx9.0 anything compatible and only run to 50 dollars for the agp and 100 dollars to the pci version ones.

    If anyone has any ?'s about directx9.0c and its compatibility also look to see if ur ? has alrdy been answered cuz ive noticed a lot of the ?'s being repeated after alrdy being solved.

    Hi melissa ummm i have one ? for u by any chance did u alrdy install the game cuz.... my grandma forgot about memory and room so i actually had to go out and buy a comp for her so she could continue running her home business.

    If so i would have to say u prolly really need to make some more space like Mictlantecuhtli said bcuz if u have ur windows setting set in a specific way
    it actually wont let u install or download files such as reserving space on ur hard drive for ?? it think it was for memory usage?? or there is a limit that is set that doesnt allow u to install say it could be set at 30mb.

    Also Mictlantecuhtli is right about updating the drivers cuz i tried playing a directx9.0b game with an old driver of my video card and my screen would look all weird while playing until i thought "doh" update the driver
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