DirectX unrecoverable error... Ventrilo maybe?

By Misterpoutine
Aug 29, 2009
  1. Hi there everyone... I have a problem when I do gaming, it gives me the DirectX unrecoverable error... I know plenty of people spoke on that subject, but I was wondering if it could be linked to the Ventrilo server we're using.

    Every friday we do gaming on line, and for the past 2 months I have that message after maybe 2 hours of gaming on COD5. The games crashes, and sometimes I get pixels in my screen, so I have to reboot. Up until 2 weeks, I was running a BFG 8800GT, so I asked a friend to let me try a spare video card, and now I'm using a GeForce 9800GTX... same problem with a different card...

    My DirectX drivers are up to date, so is my video card driver, even flashed the bios last week to have everything up to date.

    Yesterday I was gaming and Ventrilo crashed, but the game was still running.....I was surprised because I was the fist time Ventrilo crashed, and it did without closing the game..So I started Ventrilo again, and a few minutes after both Ventrilo and COD5 crashed.

    From reading on a lot of posts on the net, some users said they had problems with XFire, a program similar to Ventrilo.... Anyone having similar problem or having answers to this ?? I will give you details on my computer at the bottom.... Thanks !

    OS: Windows XP up to date
    Motherboard: MSI P35 Platinum
    CPU: Intel Core Duo, E6750@ 2.66Ghz X 2
    Video Card: BFG 8800GT(mine) or the second one: GeForce 9800GTX
    Ram: 4 gig
    DirectX: 9.0c
    Power supply: Antec True 480
    HDD: Western Digital 320 gig on 2 separate drives
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