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Disable autorun on vista home basic

By Elliah
Apr 9, 2009
  1. i've read quite a number of posts on disabling autorun on vista home but they involve downloading some file that modifies the registry and i'm not very comfortable doing that...could anyone provide the steps to disable it from the registry manually? like which registry entries and values to modify?
  2. kimsland

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  3. jobeard

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    *IF* you're comfortable with REGEDIT
    1) # Run the Registry Editor (REGEDIT.EXE).
    # Navigate to
    # Double-click the Autorun value, and type 0 for its value.
    (If it's not there, create it by selecting Edit -> New -> DWORD
    Value, and typing "Autorun" for its name.)
    # You may have to log out and then log back in for this change
    to take effect.

    @="@SYS: DoesNotExist" (## no space before 'D' ##)

    3) Alternatively, the following registry key may be deleted:


    4) XP/Pro
    # Windows XP Pro users: Run. Type gpedit.msc and click OK.
    In the left pane, double-click Administrative Templates
    # In the right pane, double-click System,
    #scroll down the list and double-click Turn Off Autoplay

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