Disable multiple iexplore.exe instances with IE8

By jodrummersh
Jun 20, 2011
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  1. Hey everyone! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. Anyway, I'll get right to it.

    A couple years ago I was experiencing my first look at multiple instances of iexplore.exe in my task manager due to Internet Explorer 8's "automatic tab crash recovery" feature. I read up about it online, was able to find a simple registry change to disable the multiple-instances feature, and moved on.

    Since then I've freshly reinstalled my OS (Vista 64) and IE8 and was searching around trying to find the same registry change to deactivate this feature but after 3 hours of searching I cannot find it. It seems that no one has heard of this method and people on this forum like Bobbye, Broni and howard_hopkinso are unaware of it as well and tend to think it's malware, virus, etc every time, taking the OP's through long, complicated procedures to find out.

    Now I'm not saying these super-users are wrong, and in fact it's always a good idea to first make sure a system is not infected. And they show a great deal of dedication and helpfulness spending so much time doing that!

    My question is though, does anyone know the small change I'm talking about that disables that function? Thanks in advance!
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    81 views and no bells ringing? Dang.

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