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Jan 9, 2012
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  1. i want to disable some of the usb ports on each computer on my network,

    since they(users) use flash drive and such on them i keep on have to clean them or even format over.....

    so i want to disable the ports but the keyboard and mouse of each are usb so how can i........
  2. Buckshot420

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  3. LookinAround

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    Disable the USB storage driver on the machines. This will allow mice/keyboards to still work but stops USB flash drives, phones, USB CD drives etc from working

    To do it without having to remember a trying a registry hack

    > Download and run Serviwin
    > Click View->Drivers then scroll to and select usbstor, right click change StartupType to Disabled
  4. bigwat

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    Thanks ill have a look at the servwin, but i food a programe that did it, ill post the name as soon as i visit the PCs again.....
  5. bigwat

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    While on the matter the computers after been formated and then added to the network,

    its on the network and can print and all but some of them while trying to accsess the server i cant i normally go to My network places> entire network> Ms windows network> then i would see the server and the name of the other computer on network....

    i need this to install some programes(shared) from the server so please help me...
  6. jobeard

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    you might find this informative

    as for using a thumb drive for downloads;
    • leave your machine immune from USB diables above
    • create a COMMON ACCESS share on your system
    • move thumbdrive\* files to COMMON Shares\
    • now link to Common Shares\ from anywhare
  7. cn2011

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    maybe this helps


    at my workplace the admin uses an application called Endpoint Protector 4

    with it, he disables/enables users devices from his admin console

    tell me if it was useful.
  8. bigwat

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    ok i found a small software named disable usb ports tool it's really small and saves me alot of installation time, it can read/write or read only or disable and it does not interfare with my usb mouse nor keyboards.... i haven't checked out the endpiont protection as yet tho.
  9. LookinAround

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    disable usb ports tool looks like a handy and simple tool that does the registry edits for you. Thanks for posting it
  10. Shynash21

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    from the device manager you can do it
  11. bigwat

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    your welcome... and... yes we can do it from device manager but i think that it will also block the usb keyboards and mice...

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