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well my old computer 350mhz packed a sad.. it was going fine then it got a massive virus (dont ask what i was downloading ^.^lol) andi used ghost to recover all my progress. ect and then it came up with rebooting from somthing.. then this
verifying DMI pool data........
boot from ATAPI cd-rom : failure
i know its not the hard drivd (replaced) and i have no spere cable's,ect and dont have enough money to buy them(no im not poor im 14) i have two old comps here and need one alright one for mass downloading like a gig at a time.... any help would be nice



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The only couple of things that I know of which bring about the "Disk Boot Failure" error are:

1. The VBR can't find or load the system files or there was a problem loading them.
2. During the boot process, the BIOS checks the last two bytes in the MBR (first sector of the drive) for a signature value of 55AAh. If the last two bytes are not 55AAh, an Interrupt 18h is invoked, which calls the subroutine that displays something along the lines of "Disk Boot Failure..." etc. So, ultimately this would suggest that your MBR is corrupt or non-existent.
3. Your HDD has not yet been partitioned (which doesn't make sense if you've just installed an OS).

Try completing the guide here, running a repair installation of Windows or just flat out reinstall Windows.
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i didnt say enough. i am running windows 98 can't get into windows... at all as soon as i start the comp does memory test ect then keyboard on the page its on now its got
all the drives (what it says)
pri.slave disc ,mode 0,2001mb
sec.slace disc:.CDROM,mode 4

any more info required please say..
and i know all the cable's work know i used the ones of out the olf comp...
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ok im willing to try anything.i have a usb port. drive is there anyway i can put something on that then plug it in and fix it? remember 98..
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