Disk boot failure, insert system disk

By sylarforever
Oct 24, 2010
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  1. This is the problem I'm having. Essentially I have a fresh new harddrive without an operating system on it. As far as I know, the disk is in working condition. The BIOS detects it, and I can feel that it is spinning/getting power, etc. I also know that my disc drive is working for similar reasons. However, I cannot get past this error.

    I have a Dell Windows disc that I've attempted using to put the operating system on with. I also have another copy of Windows that should perform the same task. I've attempted to boot only from CD-Drive, CD-Drive first HD second. I've tried mixing between master/slave on both devices, but no matter what I cannot even get the point where I can format the drive, so even if I wanted to try that, I can't.

    The only thing I've changed about this rig is the new Harddrive. When I first built this computer I had to reformat my computer because of all the new parts, but it worked. I had to replace the old HD because it was starting to click. I'm really at a loss as to why I cannot reformat/partition or anything for that matter.

    Any help/comments appreciated.
  2. boykov

    boykov TS Booster Posts: 74

    Hi sylarforever,

    Can you supply some more information about your system?
    The new HDD - is it a SATA device?
    Some of the first motherboards with SATA required separate drivers for windows to install at the begining of the installation process (press F6 if you need to install additional drivers - have you seen this message ?). You should be able to obtain this information from the mobo Manufacturers site...

    I have a motherboard (MSI k7n delta), that only boots from a SATA HDD when the device is set as SCSI in BIOS!?! (and it came with SATA drivers on a floppy disk)

  3. jobeard

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    The Dell Recovery CD can not be used to reinstall on the NEW HD.
    You will need a retail disk and to perform a clean install with it
  4. LookinAround

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    Dell Windows CDs will only work if the machine is a Dell

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