Disney+ will launch a week early in the UK on March 24

Shawn Knight

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That is in line with US pricing which is set at $6.99 per month (£5.35). According to Tom Harrington with Enders Analysis, at this rate, “none of these services are going to make money for years.”

Disney+ launched in the US and Canada back in mid-November. The service attracted a staggering 10 million subscribers in the first day alone en route to 41 million downloads in its first two months, likely shattering even the best of Disney’s expectations.

In addition to the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Austria and Switzerland will also get Disney+ on March 24. Users in The Netherlands already have access as this region served as a test bed for the platform, the BBC reports.

So, why is Disney moving its launch date ahead by a full week? According to Harrington, executives may have wanted to make The Mandalorian available as quickly as possible, before any more people pirate it. The new Star Wars-based TV series is exclusive to Disney+ and has been instrumental in the platform’s early success.

The Mandalorian by Ivan Marc

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Mr Majestyk

TS Evangelist
Morons, the full series has been available online for weeks, how stupid are these guys. From what I’ve heard it’s the only thing on Disney worth watching for adults, heaps are cancelling their subscription due to lack of content. It’ll be a long time before I give it go. Also it’s Disney, don’t expect any real gritty hardcore series. They would never show the Witcher or Altered Carbon IMO.