Display doesn't turn on after installing GPU


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I bought a new motherboard and installed my old hardwares such as HDD, RAMs etc. As well as my GPU. (GTX 650 Ti). After installing GPU display doesn't turn on. And also Keyboard and mouse lights also don't turn on. But display turns on after removing GPU from mobo. I tried by disabling onboard graphic drivers on device manager and uninstalling previously installed graphic drivers. Any solution?

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Need more specific information about your components to give more focus on issue.

You said,"But display turns on after removing GPU (card) from mobo. " which implies that you may have only connected to the mainboard - and that the GPU card was not fully connected. When using a newly inserted video card - check fully inserted in slot, connect monitor cable, connect supplementary power as required, check BIOS to be sure that GPU on mainboard is 'off' and slot for video card is 'on'. You should refer to your mainboard manual for specifics as this can vary widely from one maker to another.