Drivers "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered" - Dota 2


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Hello everyone.

After installing Windows 10 (not upgrading from 8.1) I've started receiving this error while playing Dota 2: "Display dirver stopped responding and has recovered". This happens only when I'm searching for a match, and not when in the actual game.

Laptop: Asus G551JM - GTX860M 4GB, 16 GB RAM, i7-4710HQ

What I've tried: set TdrDelay to 8, installed latest display drivers, installed older display drivers.
Setting the TdrDelay to 8 caused my pc to crash when trying to play Dota (BSOD: Video Scheduler Internal Error). I've uploaded the dump file.

I'm pretty sure this is not a hardware issue, because before installing Windows 10, I could play Dota all day on Windows 8.1 without any errors.