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Hello, this is my first post here. I have a question about some word documents that i have saved
They seem to save with a second copy in the file with the same wording except instead of all the letters, some letters change to ~$
"honey label" is changed to
~$ney label
so now i have two files. I keep deleting the funky save file
any ideas?
Virus scans show nothing
Trends micro online
avast online
eset on line
avg on line
bit defender on line
panda on line
windows defender scan
and a micrsoft mal ware scan

all clean

There is a separate issue, but may be related
In my favorites in internet explorer, the history tab, there is a file that i can delete, and it stays deleted untill i restart the computer. Then it is back again
I have tried to click on it and "unable to access"

well what do you know...I tried to find it and it's gone Any way, in my history, it was a my computer file, sts78.tmp there are a few varieations with the number but the jist is the same

My apologies for forgetting to thank for reading and possibly helping


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As to your first question... those files starting ~$ are actually created by Word itself. They're temporary backup files (so when Word tries to recover a file you had been editing to uses the ~$ file it previously saved).
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