Does anyone know where to buy these?

By GN48
Jan 13, 2010
  1. Hi ya'll!

    I was wondering if there was a way to buy some games and ultilties for my GBA SP.....
    I have like been to every shop and Game shop that's near where I live! I have searched and searched, but no luck. The games I want are like the impossible to find. I order them because they are discontinued, as they have stated. There were ultilities and gadgets I am willing to buy as well. I always wanted to have headphones with my GBA but unfortunately they don't do them anymore! There was a link, a cable that's like a LAN cable on a computer but just connects all the GBAs and Game Cube consoles together so I could play Multiplayer. There was also something I wanted as well; an Advance Flash Card that has atleast a storage capacity of 256MB. And those cables where I can link my GBA to PC so I can back those games I have just incase if I lose them. I have already like loss about 3 games on my GBA! I don't inend on losing anymore! So I decided to back them up on my PC! How I loss them? Well, one day I was walking with me friends from school to house, I saw a bench, a free bench, (well atleast I think it was) alright at that bench, all my friends pulled out their GBAs and wanted to play on mulitplayer options. So I took mine out. WE was playing Medabots! (yes, I know it lame, but that was the only multiplayer game there was at that moment!) So I stuck my game chip in and we played, after that we got kinda bored and stopped! So we decided to play FF1 DOS! Our goal was to venture as far as yo could into the game within 10 minutes! so we did. I won that btw! So then we did that again, but playing FF2 DOS! Jake won that one! But I came second though! Anyway so we got bored of all them and then we randomly picked a game that we all had. It was.....Donkey Kong! Same as FF1 and FF2 DOS; finish the game before everyone else! I won that one! Then it was getting dark. So we quickly placed another challenge that WE all could do! You know what it was? Play poke'mon LeafGreen Version and get atleast one of your poke'mon's level as high as you can! I lost that! So after all that we decide to head back to my place. *****ically I forgot to pick up my game Chips and the next day came. I quickly ran to try get my games, but they were all gone! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! So yeah, that's my story.

    I've changed now, always keep backups I keep telling myself after losing those 3 games. So now I do that just for those 3.........
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