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Does BB 10 fit the bill?

By spottyTekky
Jun 23, 2013
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  1. I've been looking to replace my 1st generation iPod Touch for years now. I'm not naturally an Apple fan, but we got this device from work. I switched to it when my Palm PDA started dying. The Touch also eventually worked poorly and unreliably for a host of reasons. Android looked like a solution, but I held back because of what I read about its security model. I keep a lot of information on PDA that definitely should not go into the cloud or be accessed by any app other than the host notes/contacts/calendar app.

    The BB now seems to be the best solution, so I browsed online articles and videos. Now I'm wondering if I can get feedback from those familiar with the device on how it meets my itemized requirements.

    As a reference point, let me be clear that I think Palm use to be the golden standard. Being a throwback to those days, I don't use many of the capabilities of the new devices. I don't do games, social media, I am not constantly connected, so the BB hub is probably not a clincher. About the only real-time communication I do is texting and cellphoning on my cell phone. For my past PDAs, the core apps are calendar, contacts, & notes. Over the years, I've gotten to appreciate WiFi-enabled capabilities like mail (IMAP), maps, browsing, streaming music/radio, the occassional short video. Apart from WiFi, I have also gotten spoiled with MP3 files, podcasts, camera, and not having to use Palm's error-prone stylus/graffiti.

    Things that I haven't experienced on the same device but would like to are phone, texting, data plan, video recording, and landscape orientation slide-out keyboard. A non-slide-out takes too much display area, and a portrait oriented keyboard is too error prone for my hands. It is a blessing for one-hand usage, but I'm willing to give that up. I've never seen a device with slide-out keyboards in both portrait and landscape orientation, and I doubt that any vendors will make a slide-out of any orientation for the BB 10.

    About security, I realize that BB has the firewall between the corporate and personal use, but this will be a personal device so that is a nonissue. More of concern is avoiding a hazard that a friend described with respect to Android -- he said that there are times when the user can hit the wrong button and sync contacts with Google's cloud. This was a deal breaker. The only thing I want clouded was email, since I use gmail anyway. Other than that, clouding is a definite no-no. Does BB email have to go through the RIM cloud, or can I set up an IMAP client directly to gmail? How does one sync calendar, notes, and contact with Outlook? Does it go through a USB cable, home WiFi, or does it have to go through a cloud? What about syncing media files such as sound tracks and pod cast episodes?

    The final thing I'm wondering is a bit of a biggy. It just drives me nuts that OS/app developers insist on throwing the time-of-day in your face at every turn. I am trying (as I always have been) to convert myself from a night-owl to a normal person with enough sleep. Being constantly hammered on the head with the time is the death knell for this. This behaviour is baked into the DNA of most devices/OSs. The irony is that I doubt most people care about the time of day at every waking second. Is there a reasonably simple way to ensure that the time is not shown except when specifically needed?
  2. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,515   +974

    The BB10 has a large learning curve. Try it out before buying it.
  3. spottyTekky

    spottyTekky TS Rookie Topic Starter

    If the learning curve takes as long to get over as I've read, I can't determine whether I can get over it by test driving it at a store. I decided to focus only on whether it satisfies "operational requirements". For the unorthodox OS/UI, I rely on the fact that in the past, I've bitten that bullet just to get decent functionality. I camped at a computer lab just to teach myself unix, C, and vi even though it didn't pay in the short term for the numerical analysis course that I was coding for. It took significantly more time investment in grad school to get street smart before it I felt that it actually paid off, but now I can't work without it. With the life cycles of PDA OSs these days, of course, one must be careful about extrapolating from that time-extended background to deciding whether an unorthodox OS is something I can adapt to. However, if it was designed with the intent that the majority of the population can adapt to it within a reasonable time, I hope I can safely bin myself in the category of folks that will find it do-able.

    About the functionality requirements above, I neglected to mention the need for voice recording, which is lower bandwidth than video recording, FM radio, and dialing numbers directly from contacts.
  4. Jad Chaar

    Jad Chaar Elite Techno Geek Posts: 6,515   +974

    It is really your choice/personal preference.

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