Doom 3 alpha leak

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Nov 4, 2002
  1. Doom III alpha leak

    Okay - not even gonna lie about it - I got my hands on this one. I'm getting half-way decent framerates at 640x480 - around 45-60 fps, but dipping as low as 25 fps on occasion. Anyone know commands to change resolution and the like? Maybe I should just stop being so lazy and search through the cfg files. Would be interested to know if anyone is getting decent frame rates on this baby.

  2. Phantasm66

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    OK.... I'm not gonna lie... I am getting this tomorrow.

    I've heard its all console based, just like a version of quake I got once upon a time did.... No idea as yet how to get it to change res but as soon as I find out I will post to let you know.

    There will be no posting links here to where to download it, as far as I am concerned, and I certainly plan to edit such links if I see them, but if others were to swap it privately outwith the official purview of the site, I guess there is nothing we can do about it and its not really our business.

    I've heard from a games programmer friend (who is actually the one getting me the game) that its HIGHLY NOT optimised graphics wise and will run very slowly in general even on good, new kit until newer builds begin to appear.

    I'm very excited about this game.
  3. TS | Thomas

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    I'm trying to get a friend still at college to get it for me similarly. The "fuss" over it is kinda wierd as pretty much no-one bothered about when UT 2003 was leaked, but now that's its the new Doom 3 everyones all hush hush we can't link as we don't want to offend iD. Kinda odd in a way though I guess everyone likes iD still.
  4. Phantasm66

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    No link here that I saw, just discussion.... (Might be hidden one somewhere, just make sure there's no links posted on this site...)

    Apparently "alpha" is the operative term, the game in its present state is very basic and underdeveloped.
  5. Tweakster

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    The leaked alpha has a built in map editor :p
    And we are gonna get it to work ladies.

    You need to do the following things to make it work, muhaha

    Maybe there is a different way to do it , but the following steps made mine work ok ......

    1. put the whole Doom_III in the root ( C:\ )

    2. rename the doom.exe file to Radiant.exe

    3. rename the C:\Doom_III dir to C:\Doom

    4. Make a dir and call it scripts place it in the C:\Doom\base

    5. Create a text file and save it as doom.qe4 and place this file in the C:\Doom\base\scripts directory

    6. open doom.qe4 with notepad and cut paste the below text in it.

    "basepath" "c:\doom\base"
    "rshcmd" "c:\doom\base\"
    "remotebasepath" "c:\doom\base\"
    "entitypath" "c:\doom\base\def\*.def"
    "texturepath" "c:\doom\base\textures"
    "autosave" "c:\doom\base\maps\mre\"
    "bsp_Relight" "!kpbsp -onlyents $ && !kprad -gamedir c:\doom\base\ $"
    "bsp_Entities" "!kpbsp -onlyents $"
    "bsp_FullVis (qrad -extra)" "!kpbsp $ && !kpvis $ && !kprad -bounce 4 -extra -gamedir c:\doom\base\ $"
    "bsp_FullVis " "!kpbsp $ && !kpvis $ && !kprad -gamedir c:\doom\base\ $"
    "bsp_FullVis (norad)" "!kpbsp $ && !kpvis $"
    "bsp_FastVis" "!kpbsp $ && !kpvis -fast $ && !kprad -gamedir c:\doom\base\ $"
    "bsp_FastVis (bleed)" "!kpbsp $ && !kpvis -fast $ && !kprad -nostopbleed -gamedir c:\doom\base\ $"
    "bsp_only (novis/norad)" "!kpbsp $"

    7. goto the dir c:\Doom\base\maps and create two directories named mre and mal

    8. start Radiant.exe and hit the console key ~
    When your in the console type editor

    that's it folks !

    If you want the default settings delete or rename the editor.cfg file in c:\doom\base

    If you want to use that editor.cfg ( the settings of idsoftware team ) you will have to change the bottomline to seta ModelPath "C:\Doom\base\models\mapobjects\cpu\comrack2.lwo"

    When the editor starts and it ask's for the doom.qe4 file... just point to it

    Hope this works for you guys as it works for me :)

    have fun


    2 different methods...for the first, consult this quick guide:

    DooM ]|[ alpha Multiplayer faq


    Note: You don't need to use the exec runact.cfg command. That information was originally posted on this site, very early on. It has since been discovered that the command is not necessary. Please let people know; there's no use in having to wait for five minutes every time you load the game.

    New instructions to get up and running (basic solution, for tweaks see further down the page) :

    After you unrar, just go to the Doom_III\base directory, and DELETE the DoomConfig.cfg file. Then launch doom.exe. The game will rebuild that config file and give you better default settings.

    To interact with the game at this point, you'll be using the console. Press the tilde key (~) once you're at the main screen.


    Loading Maps

    Controls and settings

    Popular Commands

    Recording demos

    Making a demo into an avi

    Important Links

    Cheats / Hints


    Loading maps

    From the console, use the following commands:

    map e3/intro (Loads intro movie)
    map e3/e3_1 (Loads first map)
    map e3/e3_2 (Loads second map)
    map e3/e3_3 (Loads third map)
    map fred/e3bathroom5 (doesn't work for most people)

    Controls and settings

    Type: bindlist

    This will list all the currently bound keys and their functions. Use the page up and page down keys to scroll through the list. As long as you deleted the doomconfig.cfg before you started up, your settings should be pretty good.

    To change any of these settings, you can either type in different values from the console, or just manually change the doomconfig.cfg with a text editor.


    Popular commands

    Checking FPS: type com_drawfps 1

    Bump Mapping on/off (try switching back and forth, you'll see the changes):

    r_useStandardGL 0 (this turns bump mapping ON)
    r_useStandardGL 1 (this turns bump mapping OFF)
    Dynamic shadows on/off (BIG performance difference):

    r_shadows 1
    r_shadows 0
    Changing resolution:

    r_mode 1 (400x300)
    r_mode 2 (512x384)
    r_mode 3 (640x480)
    r_mode 4 (800x600)
    r_mode 5 (1024x768)
    r_mode 6 (1152x864)
    r_mode 7 (1280x1024)
    NOTE: Changing resolution will not take effect until you either restart the game, or type vid_restart

    Changing bit depth:

    r_colorbits 16
    r_colorbits 32
    Fullscreen on/off:

    r_fullscreen 1
    r_fullscreen 0
    Mouse Sensitivity:

    sensitivity X
    Where X is a number between 1 and 10. The default is can actually go higher than 10, but it gets kind of ridiculous.

    Invert Mouse:

    m_pitch -0.022
    The default setting is m_pitch 0.022, all you need to do is add the negative sign.
    Third Person view:

    pm_thirdperson 0
    pm_thirdperson 1

    Recording demos

    I haven't seen this posted anywhere yet, so I figured I'd draw up a quick how-to.

    Type the following:

    bind F5 recordDemo
    bind F6 stoprecording

    These two binds will give you keys for starting and stopping a demo, respectively. You can substitute in the keys you prefer, it doesn't matter. In this case, when you want to start capturing the action in the game, press F5. When you're done, press F6.

    The demo files are stored in your Doom_III\base\demos folder. They will be labelled incrementally, e.g. Demo001.demo, demo002.demo, etc. To play back your demo within the game, type playdemo demo001 (or whatever the demo filename happens to be).

    However, to get your demo into a movie format, there's a few extra steps.


    Making a demo into an avi

    After you've got a good demo, type aviDemo (for example, aviDemo demo001).
    This will play back your demo while taking a whole bunch of screenshots. When it's done, exit the game and look in your "Doom_III\base\demos\demoname" folder. Depending upon how long your demo was, you could have anywhere from 100mb to 10 gigs of .tga files.

    Download this program and run it:

    From the program's main screen, in the Directory field, type in the path to your demo's screenshots folder. (The "Doom_III\base\demos\demoname" I described above). A quicker way is to click the "..." button and just browse to the directory.

    Change the file option from BMP to TGA. You should then see a list of all the screenshots appear in the "Files" field.

    Under "Output" options, type the path and name of the avi you wish to create (e.g., "C:\movies\doom3rocks.avi")

    Leave the default Frame and Key Rates (if any of you movie experts suggest a better setting, let me know).

    Click the create button. A new window will pop up, prompting you to select a video codec. I suggest you use Divx 5.0.2. After you click OK, the program will compile your .tga files together.

    After the window closes, you're done! Go to the target directory you specified, and watch your first Doom 3 movie =)


    Important Links
    Screenshots, more hints:

    More screenshots:

    Text file with cvars:

    Tweaking thread:

    Source of the leak??


    Cheats / Hints
    The keycode for the pad in level 2 is "924"

    The codes from Q3 are still in the game at this point, but if for some reason you aren't familiar with them, here's a quick list (again, these are typed from the console):

    God mode: god
    Extra health: give health
    Weapons: give weapon_weaponname (e.g. rocket launcher, plasmagun...some of these will crash)
    Fly through walls: noclip
  6. Tweakster

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    DooM ]|[ alpha Multiplayer faq:


    First off, before you are told how to play multiplayer, here are some of the limitations:

    1) Only the Pistol works, using any other weapon, kills the client connection.

    2) Player animations are NOT finished!!! So the players look funny walking around the rooms "stiff"

    3) None of the E3_x maps have Deathmatch starting points by default, So you will need to edit them,
    or download pre-edited maps, and add them into your base/maps/ directory accordingly.

    4) IF there are any mosters on the level, there is a very good chance when they attack one
    of the players, and or kill one (or are killed) It will kick off the client connection.
    This means, you will also have to have an edited map that includes no monsters!

    5) So If you are playing an edited map, BOTH PLAYED MUST HAVE THE SAME REVISION MAP!

    6) If the client player kills the host player, it will usually end the server connection,
    This means GAME OVER, time to start a new server, and reconnect!

    OK, now that you know the limitations, here is how to start a server, conenct to the server
    and some techinfo & notes. keep in mind THIS WILL WORK BEST ON A LAN!

    To be (start) a server, bring down the console, and type:
    "spawnserver mapname" //(ie. "spawnserver empty")

    next, goto the client computer, and type:
    "connect computername" //("connect windows_computer_name")

    Now, this will work fine for the LAN, but if you want to connect over the internet,
    it gets allot more tricky. SINCE THIS IS AN ALPHA, the connect command does not recognize
    ip addresses as a valid parameter. BUT, there are ways around this. ;)
    1) Make sure the computer you are connecting to has a internet DNS name, and then type:

    2) Second methed, edit your local windows hosts file to point to the ipaddress of the DooM ]|[ server.
    To edit Your windows hosts file type the following line in the "Start -> Run" command:
    notepad %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

    at the bottom of this file, you will see the following line: localhost

    You will need to add a line below that one telling the computer where the DooM ]|[ server is,
    something like this: doom3server

    Except, you would use the real ip address of the server you are going to connect to.
    Now, from the client computers doom console you would type:
    "connect doom3server"

    Thats it! you should be connecting!!!
    However, if you have a firewall router setep, you will need to open the following ports:
    27973 UDP
    27974 UDP

    if you have the edited e3_2 map file, extract the file into your
    "doom_iii/base/maps/e3" directory.
    you can download the file here:
    or here:

    It has had all the monsters taken out!
    It has had 2 Deathmatch starting points added into it!

    It has a few issues when you are playing it:
    1) The cutscene is still there, so the first time a player walks over the trigger,
    both players will have to watch the cutscene.
    2) The door is locked, so one player will have to unlock it for the other player,
    after that its DeathMatch TIME!!! (the Doorkey is 9-2-4 if you didn't already know)

    Thanks to All partys involved in making Faq
  7. poertner_1274

    poertner_1274 secroF laicepS topShceT Posts: 4,172

    WOW that is a mouthfull, I'll have to give it a shot if I have a few hours to read all that :)
  8. Vehementi

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    Man, someone at iD is gonna get busted

    I'm not going to lie. This is the first I've heard of this.
  9. StormBringer

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    I've been seeing reference to this for a few days, but most of the stuff has been broken...including; download links, config settings, discussion, pretty much everything except the old screenshots for E3. Seems like everyone is afraid of iD. Like they are the mafia or something.
  10. Phantasm66

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    I just downloaded and ran. Runs very slowly at first but there's some really nice lighting, transform, shadows, etc.
  11. poertner_1274

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    Ok, I tried to run this on my system and it was horendous. I am not exactly sure why, my specs aren't THAT bad, but I couldn't even do anything. It took a few seconds for the game to catch up to my movements. I didn't mess around with any settings, but I will later.
  12. Phantasm66

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    Like I've mentioned, its not optimised yet and will not run very well on pretty much any PC techspot members will have.

    Once I edited the .cfg file to put my keys in, I can move OK until some enemy appears.... Then when I fire everything turns to stutter mode, and its basically unplayable....
  13. Tweakster

    Tweakster TS Enthusiast Posts: 199


    Well today i finnally played it.

    Sat and watched the INtro "Hmm nice sound", lol at the scientist. Loaded first map sat and was in awe of lighting in first room simply best ive ever seen. "Hmm cant get full screen" no matter play first map in window at 5-13 fps. GET COMPLETLY OWNED. Quit. Reload and starts in full screen "hmm ok then". Load first map GOD Mode :eek:) , Get killed by Zombie ?!?. Loadmap 2 walking along and hear noise while a bolt falls to fall. "Hmm" Argh. GOD, kill beast. walk along kill "Hmm this machine has a stupid animation". Load map 3 dum de dum hmm nice computer, look out window "gulp stuck" (7 foot dude outside) easy kill his backs to me. play play play. And finnally the best bit Toilets (far to dark).

    Im sorry that this was leaked though i like all people couldnt wait to see it. Simply this will slaughter UT2k3 and URW on graphics (Only competition). But i thought it was single only so whats with LAN ?
  14. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 5,734   +8

    There's a bit where this LARGE monster walks out in the first map.... Watch carefully... The shadows are amazingly well done!
  15. LNCPapa

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    Okay guys - prepare for a ton of screenshots I took of this thing - it's ungodly! It's actually quite playable at 1024 - except when I take a screenshot - that drops my framerate pretty badly. I will be uploading them to my server and linking them here soon!

  16. LNCPapa

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    Screenshots galore! My framerate is actually higher than it looks here (who cares but me?) but everytime I take a screenshot my framerate drops - especially if it's one after another. Here goes!

  17. LNCPapa

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  18. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Topic Starter Posts: 4,276   +461


    There you go! I may make a movie, but that'll have to be later!

  19. Phantasm66

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    "I can smell fear!"
  20. SpyderWeiss

    SpyderWeiss TS Rookie

    If you won't post the link....

    Can i at least know the file size of the alpha? There are about 4 different ones on Kazaa and i wanna know which is correct instead of downloading all of them :)
  21. Julio Franco

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  22. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 5,734   +8

    372,384 KB I make it.

    Its a .rar file like Julio said, and I needed to uncompress it with winRAR not winzip or powerarchiver to avoid getting CRC errors.

    Once uncompressed, it comes to a little over 1 GB, and has 5,312 files in 799 folders.

    Anything else you see on Kazaa is NOT the file. Its most likely the demo of an older game.
  23. Th3M1ghtyD8

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    It runs nicely on my new rig :D :D :D
  24. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 5,734   +8

    It runs OK on mine until I try to shoot at something and then it stutters a little. A guess with the odd tweak it would be fine...
  25. poertner_1274

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    Papa those pics look awesome. I can't wait for this to work on my machine. I would play around with it today and tomorrow, but NOOOOOO my stupid teachers have to give me lots and lots of tests this week. Man this sucks. Oh well almost done.
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