Doom 3 alpha leak

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Nov 4, 2002
  1. poertner_1274

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    Not a problem, I just get worried about things like that, because I have seen what can happen, and how easy it is to download the wrong file and get a virus.

    Just trying to save a few others.
  2. acidosmosis

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    Doom 3

    I don't remember seeing any discussion on Doom 3, so I thought I would start one.

    Most peoples concern seems to be if their system will run Doom 3. Considering I have played a leaked alpha version of Doom3 and ran it with a Geforce2 MX, and got 7-12fps, and Doom 3 is still very much in development stage and the alpha isnt tweaked for the system I was running it on I think that is pretty good.

    I will tell you this, as far as the in game graphics, they are amazing. The whole sound and mood to the game is downright scary. I recommend this game be played in the dark. Also you get to see shadows so if something is around the corner you will probably see its shadow moving towards you. Very cool.
    The fact that some monsters basically taunt you and say they are gonna kick your A**, and do it with style is a nice addition to the game.

    I would be willing to be a few of you will play this game when it comes out, encounter most of the monsters in this game and almost piss yourself. The AI is pretty awesome and these monsters will flat out mess you up and lots of times jump out at you and scare you.

    This is game is going to kill.
  3. SNGX1275

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  4. Nic

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    Popular thread this. :p

    Just like you guys, I can't wait till the final version is released even if it means I'll need a new PC.:D

    I've downloaded and watched papa's movies - they are truly awesome! Those with photosensitive epilepsy are not going to like it - the rest of us will need to keep a spare pair of keks handy.:D

    I won't download the game though, as it will likely spoil all the fun when the final release comes out.:blush:

    And what about Zombies in games - is this just a cop out for developers to not worry about having good AI?

    What did you guys think of Unreal 2?
    Most of the reviews I've read haven't been too complementary, so I haven't bought it yet.:D
  5. Arris

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    Well I've been reading a thread on another forum that is named "Unreal2.... what a load of crap!?!?!?" and most people have agreed. Lovely graphics but not much else going for it. I'll be avoiding that one unless I get a shot of it from someone or it appears in a bargain bin. Just picked up an Audigy2 and a copy of Splinter Cell for the PC... Gonna go home after work for some serious widescreen TV 5.1 Dolby gaming! Which means I'll have it all configured perfectly in time for really scary Doom3 gaming :grinthumb
  6. Nic

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    Originally posted by Arris ...
    Gonna go home after work for some serious widescreen TV 5.1 Dolby gaming!

    Arris, I'm jealous.:D

    Yeah, I think I'll be giving Unreal2 a miss then as popular opinion doesn't seem to be too flattering.:p

    Strange thing is, PC Zone magazine gave it a 94% rating and said it was better than Half-Life!:eek:

    I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion, and its always better to hear more than one opinion before believing what you read - and spending your hard earned cash on a game you might not enjoy.:grinthumb
  7. Steg

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    Unreal 2 is a VERY good game - not cutting edge by a long way but if u like killing things with amazing visuals get it - u will not b disapoted! the story is a bit weak - a bit 'tagged on' but it is still gd - and i keep coming bac to the better levels.

    neway - doom 3 - it seems to b based on a heavily rewriten quake 3 engine and is therefore very CPU based. I have just upgraded my Thunderbird 1Ghz to a XP2100+ and my FPS went up by 15 or 20 (Ge3Ti200, 384megs PC133) and with some faster ram and a noo mobo (DDR 400 oooh! :D) the final version should run no problem

  8. JSR

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    not w/ doom 3

    i played the leak..........3 levels.......could get to about 15 frames...................the action sequences drop your rate right down to about 5 to 7..........couple dozen times and then i deleted it..............some are predictable while others change their tactics..........purty scary
  9. acidosmosis

    acidosmosis TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,350

    Where did you guys find the access code for the door? lol, I never did see it anywhere. I think it is in the opening movie sequence but my fps dropped to about 1/2 fps during that so I couldnt see a damn thing.. though I get about 5-15 fps during regular play. Decrease the size of the screen and it increases your fps drastically.
  10. JC_101

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  11. Steg

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    the rumor floating around at the time of realease was that is was a friendly ATi employie.....wot a nice man

  12. acidosmosis

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    Yes sirree a very nice man. I think we owe this guy a few Arturo Fuente Opus X cigars! Who cares if its no way near finished, its your option whether you want to download a leaked copy of a game that isnt in its final condition. I was glad just to get an idea of what the game is going to be like even though I'm sure it will be totally different when it is finished. I had no idea what the game play would be like until I played it, and just with a alpha version I was very impressed. The sound is amazing and scary and the gameplay and physics of the game are just going to be downright mindboggling.

    I hope ID Software is one of the first (if not THE first) to create models where when the model is lying down it isnt lying flat but is lying according the ground it is on.. for example in games you see these days if a player/monster dies it falls down at the top of the stairs and its legs hang over the edge and dont bend but lie flat. I hate that, it makes the game seem so unrealistic.
  13. LNCPapa

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    That's called ragdoll. I'm not sure, but I believe Doom III does support that.

  14. RustyZip

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    Anyone know when this going to be released???
  15. Svoboda

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    I think i know what you mean by "ragdoll" and didnt No One Lives Forever (the first one) have that?

    That game came out like 2+ years ago, so that has been around for a while...
  16. Steg

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    i dont no about NOLF but i no that Doom 3 doesnt have 'ragdoll' in the way we no it - like UT2k3 & U2

    doom 3 is supposed to be out in the UK around 29th June - dont no about the US

  17. acidosmosis

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    I somehow very seriously doubt Doom3 will be out anywhere in June. If it is, then I am buying it from somewhere in UK if I have to FLY there. lol.
  18. Nic

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    Just to put the record straight, the term 'ragdoll' is simply descriptive and not any kind of product or technology. Ragdoll Physics (to give the correct terminology) simply indicates that natural physical movements are modelled on real physics calculations rather than partial calculations or approximations that do not model how real objects behave.:blush:
  19. Steg

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    yes - ragdoll is just a descriptice term - the math engine is the ragdoll engine that Unreal Warfare uses....

    and yes acidosmosis ur right the realease date ( is 29th august....we just have to keep waiting :(

  20. MikeY

    MikeY TS Rookie

    UnrealTornament 2003 has "ragdoll" effect, basicaly just means the bones rest on the object directly below them, very effective

    (dont you just love throwing yourself down that hole and watching that lovely "ragdoll" effect? watching yourself hitting the beams and foling arround them then slowing falling off onto the next beam :D)

    I have a problem with Doom3 when i extract the RAR file to C: then i run it i get a small grey window apear int he centre of my screen, and it just doesnt do anythin .... anyone else get this/ or know how to fix it?

    - MikeY :p
  21. acidosmosis

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    Yea, you have to download the fix from Kazaa.
  22. negroplasty

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    I would just like to point out that Kazaa is crap and full of viruses. However if you must go with them, Kazaa Lite is the way to go :grinthumb .

    Acid: do you know the file name to search for?
  23. acidosmosis

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    not sure, but if you search for doom 3 you'll come up with the Doom3 file, plus on the list somewhere will be the fix that you need.
  24. topsy

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  25. dod

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    new highquality close up D3 shots

    hi maybe u had a chance to see other alpha testers shots but these r unique try it 4 urself:)


    Hell knight

    spare link

    hellknight full figured shot, nicely postured.
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