Download of the Week: Microsoft Image Composite Editor


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Microsoft Image Composite Editor is a neat little tool from the software giant’s research group that uses a powerful stitching engine to create panoramic photos. You can simply load the individual shots – taken from a single camera location – onto the interface and the program will automatically analyze overlaps to combine them into a high-resolution panoramic scene. The process is rather simple and the results can be impressive, as seen on the video below.

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WOW! a button to upload an image!
Just make the software =D and we will make those incredible hard tasks.


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Lmao, oh come now, they are just over compensating for the people who will inevitably rage "WHERE R MY UPLOADZ BUTTON"

Back on topic. I guess this kind of software may only come in useful if every one of those pictures were meticulously calculated as to borders and edges, so that they don't overlap?

Maybe even taken with a tripod all the way.

I should see if this software is smart enough to join images taken from hand, unsure of levelling and with a bit of barrel distortion. hmm.


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It handles leveling and distortion pretty well to a degree, as expected. As with all stitching software, they all work best when the photos are taken on a tripod, or at least where the focal plane is the pivot point. For handhelding, especially with lenses that have significant distortion, it is better to run those images through post processing to correct the distortion and then run it through the sticking software.

That being said, it's a neat, relatively mindless to use program. Sure beats a number of other freeware programs if you want it done quickly with almost no input. Other programs such as Autopano pro and the like give you much MUCH more control, but you have to pay for those. =)


Cota. I guess yur just more brilliant than the rest of us. I'd love to know how you upload your 10Gigapixel images to the web.


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You guys shouldn't write it off so much. It's really neat especially when you can link in like 100 megapixel scans of a document into a set of pictured from a museum, for example.


Thanks so much for this download. I have been playing around with ICE and some old pictures and it's quite good. I can now make some cool panoramas.