Downloading pics from Kyocera KX16 to my laptop

By speralta
Apr 5, 2009
  1. I need to change my cellular, but don't want to get rid of some old nice pictures I have on my Kyocera KX16, so I bought a data-cable via eBay that came with a CD. The cable plugs in on the side of my cell, and has a USB connector at the other end. SETUP was then run from the CD and there was an app called QPST that installed on my laptop. With that done, I went to check the posibility of accesing the data contained of my mobile phone but nothing happened. Reading some more, I realized one more app was needed. KPD v3.1 was then found on the web and installed it, but when run it keeps saying no phone is connected to the desktop. What am I missing?
  2. Tedster

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    probably drivers to see the phone.

    Can you see the phone under my computer in windows?

    if so, try cutting and pasting the files?
  3. speralta

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    Thanks Tedster.
    Ain't suppose all needed drivers came on that CD the cable came with ?

    The telephone does not shows as a driver under My Computer.

    I found another piece of cabling+software bundle offered by Kyocera itself in its page, which I'm actually hesitating about because it would be US$40.00+SH more, without knowing it'll work for sure...

    I'll keep trying with this likely generic cable I bought, and will keep posting and surfing some more t'see if I find something... which I'll share in here for the records.
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    First, who is your cellular provider? Some providers, I know Verizon in particular, puts their own firmware in their phones to prevent picture transfers! without using Verizon to do the transfer.

    => Aside from able to transfer pictures or not, and
    => Aside from whether you have the right driver or not

    The very first step to verify:
    Does Windows detect a hardware device when the phone is both connected (via cable) and powered on? (note Windows does not need any drivers to detect your device (i.e your phone))

    Is this a USB cable connection to your PC? Are there any undefined devices in Device Manager? (look for a yellow icon, probably a question mark. Look under USB devices first and then look through out device manager).

    To confirm any "Unknown" or "Other" device listed in Device Manager is really your phone:
    => Unplug / replug the cable and watch if the unkown device disappears / reappears at the same time

    Confirm that and then we can go the next step
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