Driver located finally! Thanks, but now how to download?

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Jan 8, 2011
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  1. The way you explained how to find hardware Id for drivers in the control pannel was perfect. But Im lost after that. Theres so many versions after the 1st hardware Id. I dont know where to post the device Id#. I tried google; with no luck. excluding the USB\ . Please give a clue whats the best way to find my webcam driver. Thanks, ACLu
  2. Benny26

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    LookinAround could probably best help you with this i'de have thought.

    But i think i'm right in saying that - The first ID in the list is your best driver match, if you have trouble finding one for that ID, move on to the next ID in the list for your second best driver match.

    For more help with this, see this post ---> Here
  3. ACLu

    ACLu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    2nd thread is complicated too

    you mentioned placing spaces between what characters? and removing what part of the hardware id "the ending"? The second thread changes the id by shortening the first id and adding another line slightly different. why cant i use the 1st & \best choice? and where in the world do i install this id driver code?
  4. Benny26

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    Ok, giving us your hardware ID would help?

    This is a Very Simple Terms breakdown for you:

    Let's say my hardware ID is: USB\VID_0C45&PID_613C&REV_0101

    First, i'll type this in Google or Yahoo ---> "USB\VID_0C45&PID_613C&REV_0101" (No results)

    Second, i'll cut "USB\" from the ID, so now i'll type ---> "VID_0C45&PID_613C&REV_0101" (Still no results)

    Third, i'll cut the "&REV_0101" from the ID, and type ---> "VID_0C45&PID_613C" (Result found!)

    Now i carefully look through the results for hopefully the right driver. Simple.

    PS: I didn't mention anything in that link i gave you. It was advice by LookinAround, another TS member. (Gotta say that or else someone could have my a** :D)
  5. LookinAround

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    ACLu, do you still need help? If so please tell us
    > What version of Windows you're running
    > The first hardware ID in the list for your cam

    Also, you might also try DriverEasy. I've never tried it for webcams. But is worth a shot. Let me know if it helped
  6. CuttarN

    CuttarN TS Rookie

    This site should help ;)

    This site should help :D idk if the drivers supports you'r webcam but they supports mine.. and it supports alot of cams.. anyway i think u can search the site too :D[/url]
  7. CuttarN

    CuttarN TS Rookie

    Obviously you can't search the site but if you'r cam isn't supported by the link then u'll have to download a prog that scans for you'r missing drivers and the u can download.. i hopes the link helps so u don't need to do extra sh*t... it works fina for me :)
  8. mike1959

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    The link given above by CuttarN is well 'into' to the site so doesn't quite work as expected, so start at;
    Then follow the download instructions and scan your pc, seems to work well. (Tnx CuttarN)
  9. CuttarN

    CuttarN TS Rookie

    your welcome sorry that my link didn't work cuz there you only needed to download the drivers directly.. i thought it would work cuz i found it on google. anyway the downloaded works fine to ^^


  10. CuttarN

    CuttarN TS Rookie d61&scanid=84522C7D5DCE4ADCB55DC7DC47797D04&item_id=26382997&hardware_id=US B%5CVID_0C45%26PID_613C

    It should work fine! // CuttarN

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