Driver Stopped Responding & has Recovered - AMD R9270x

By John7564
Jan 1, 2015
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  1. Ever so recently I have been experiencing this annoying error with my GPU. This error more so often occurs when playing games, however, occasionally when watching videos. Whenever I receive this error, my computer freezes for 5 secs and then I am forced to restart the whole game, several times as this error continues to persist numerous times. I've looked all over google trying to resolve this error, trying numerous solutions such as: Refreshing my Windows 8.1 (removing all files), increasing fan speed (even though gpu isn't overheating), closing background applications, installing old gpu drivers in case there was a bug, and many more. Please help me try and resolve this error once and for all as I have been forced to endure this irritating error for months on end.
    Thanks in advance!

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