Driver Update Help, Random Restarts and BSOD

By AmbientL
Dec 19, 2009
  1. Let me start with 1) sorry this is so long and 2) I hope this is in the right section to post in :)

    I built my computer apx 2.5 yrs ago and only learned enough to pick out the parts and put them all together (thank you google!), and I had a friend install Win ;)

    Recently I've been having random restarts and an occasional BSOD with it. It seems to happen randomly, I could just be browsing the internet or playing a game (no fancy games, mostly just girly time management games or something similar lol)

    This is the MS link that comes up when it happens (it doesn't always come up, but when one does it's always this one) --Nevermind, it's says I can't post links b/c I haven't posted enough here, the topic heading for the MS page is "Blue screen error caused by a device or driver" but they give several things to try, some basic and some advanced, besides updating drivers.

    I have AVG and Super AntiSpyware (both free versions) and have ran both of them. It did find a couple things but nothing that seemed unusual.

    I ran a thorough disk check and there were no errors that showed.

    I have not updated any device drivers since building my computer and am leaning towards that's what the issue is (hoping that's all it is!) as that's the #1 thing to check from the MS page for the error but I don't know what to do :(

    I've read that some driver updates will automatically override the previous driver and some will not, I don't know how to tell which is which tho.

    I have recently viewed the EZ flash bios update option in the bios section but wasn't brave enough to do it lol.

    I guess I would like to know where to start and how to go about installing new drivers and also which ones should I do.

    Video Card, CPU, Bios?

    Or anything else I should check out?

    I did enter the specs of my computer in my profile for this board from all my anal retentive files that I kept from the parts I got, if I missed any pertinent info to add in there please let me know :)

    ETA: This shower as an error but I honestly don't know what it means

    Also: I've had error events #'s 7000, 4226, 51, 1003, 29, 17, 1, and 7009, they started before I started having this issue and have continued while the random restarts have been going on. I've googled my little heart out to get more info on these errors and what they are/how to correct them but I can only make sense of half of what I read about it :(
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    It means if you select Start > Run > c:\windows\Minidump > ok
    You can then upload your latest Minidump file directly as an attachment[​IMG] to a new reply

    But before doing so, make sure all drivers are updated first, see here:

    Plus you have the latest Windows Service Pack installed:
    XP SP3:
    Vista SP2:

    I have also found AVG to be a bit bothersome at times, so the next part is up to you
    Uninstall AVG
    Then run the Remover tool:
    Now Restart

    Download and run an update to Free Avira Antivirus:
    Also report on what Avira found and removed ;) (I use Free Avira)
  3. AmbientL

    AmbientL TS Rookie Topic Starter

    kimsland, thank you so much for your response!

    I am sure I am capable of getting the minidump report as well as removing AGV and getting Avira and will do that as soon as I update drivers.

    However, I apologize if this should be common knowledge but just updating the drivers is really frustrating me. I have searched and searched and searched but can't find the answers that I'm looking for (re updating drivers).

    I will use the link you gave me for the mfg's for the hardware but I would very much appreciate if you could give me a list of what I should be updating (ie video card, bios, cpu, HD??? etc, etc).

    Also, do I need to remove old drivers before installing new ones or will the new drivers auto update on the existing drivers?

    For example, I've looked at removing the nvidia driver and there's an option to remove all but display, do I need to do that to install the new one or no? (hope that makes sense :eek: )

    Also, for bios, if I do the ez flash, is that all I need to do for updating the MB? Or are there any specifics I should know about doing that or about updating other drivers?

    TIA very, very much!!

    Signed, AmbintL - who has never, ever updated a driver ;)

    PS, btw, I did find in (devices?) the "please search for updates and update option" and I believe it did update the video card but not to the newest driver. So, I want to do them one by one manually and make sure I have them updated to the newest ones possible.
  4. gphantom

    gphantom TS Rookie Posts: 23

    Ive been suffering from the same RANDOM BSODs my brother :(

    I'm on this forum for a reason because i know a guy who has actually solved this mystery.

    But i need to have 5 posts in order to make a NEW thread.

    This is my 2nd post on these forums and i REALLY need to get to 5 asap

    So i can help you and all the other RANDOM BSOD sufferings once and for all.
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