Drivers after formating

By lynx122
Jul 6, 2010
  1. hi, i recently formatted my c drive and installed windows xp professional 32bit and of corse i have no drivers, first i tried the internet wizard which is just horrible and i couldnt get set up, so then i downloaded the drivers using my other laptop tried putting the drivers on a flash drive but i have no drivers for the usb so that didnt work. I put them onto disk but when i put the disk in its reading it as empty so ive ran out of ideas on how to get drivers on there. Another way i tried was on my d drive i have windows vista business with all its drivers and working internet etc so was thinking i could just boot that and get them on my harddrive that way but when booting its loading xp as default. I had a look into this and found myself at start up and recovery but under the default operating system only xp is in the drop down menu. I also saw you could edit the start up options manually in notepad but i dont know what id be doing with that :(
    Does anyone have any solutions or methods i could try to solve this please :) thanks
  2. mailpup

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    If you solve this problem, your driver installation problem will be solved. Can you give more details about the CD media you used and the software and process you used?
  3. LookinAround

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    Something's wrong with that statement as generic USB storage drivers are built-in to XP (as well as Vista and Win 7) so you should be able to save the network drivers on a USB drive then simply plug the USB drive into a USB port on the freshly reinstalled computer and it should be able to :
    > Detect the USB drive
    > Load/install the USB storage drivers it needs (using Windows built-in generic USB drivers)
    > Read the files on the flash drive so you can copy to the Desktop and then run/install them

    Try a different USB drive

    /* edit */
    Also, what Service Pack level XP did you install from your CD? I think USB 2.0 needed SP2 but (and can double check) but USB 1.1 i think should be supported by SP1 and earlier. Also, is your install CD from Microsoft? (or a system vendor like Dell or HP?)
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