Dropbox updates iOS app, will phase out public folders


TS Evangelist
Cloud storage startup has kept extra busy as competition is growing stronger with the launch of Google Drive and Microsoft's SkyDrive getting dedicated desktop apps as well as a revamped feature set. Today, they are announcing a follow up to…

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TS Guru
That reason is unlikely: Dropbox have decided that it is safer in the long run, legally at least, to remove public folders because then there is less chance of copyright infringement being an issue...


It's truly unfortunate that they are removing the public folders. They are an excellent way to collaborate. Sharing links is fine but has no organization.


TS Guru
Not sure how you use public folders to collaborate.
Shared folders is what I've been using for quite a while. They're easy to set up and secure.


TS Evangelist
I can't wait for storage and network technology to improve so we can stop pretending like a GB is a lot. People need online storage based TB. At least I do.