Dropped laptop

I have a compaq cq62 and it was dropped it turned on after that and was working the next time i tired to turn in it on it turned on and a message saying it wanted to reboot software then it turned off after i got my login information in and i was looking threw my programs. Then it let me turn it on and keep it on 3 more times only staying on for 5 mins. Now it won't turn on at all. when i plug my power cord in the charger hole the light comes on saying its charging. I had the harddrive tested and it is working correctly. I was told it is the motherboard or the power supply how can i tell which one it is.


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Have you tried using the laptop with the battery taken out?

Also, other stuff to try would be to boot it without some of the hard ware attached such as Hard Drive, wireless card, RAM if you have more then 1 stick, test each 1 separately. Dial Up Modem card if the laptop has it... Note: Only remove these items for testing if you are comfortable doing so/have before. Touching the hardware of a computer if you are not properly ground can damage the hardware.