Dual Boot XP and Vista

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Jul 2, 2008
  1. Well guys its been a while, just bought a new computer and got some ?'s.
    I had vista installed, and decided to install xp, so i installed xp on the same harddrive but in a diffrent folder(i think). i think i installed xp on WINDOW and vista is installed on WINDOWS. now when i boot my computer it selects windows xp always, how do i make it so i can choose windows xp or vista, so to dual boot? and vista and xp are installed on the same hard drive, but i do have a partition that included recovery parts. ya i did install xp in a diff folder, its WINDOW and vista is in Windows.
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  4. Cpt.Samir

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    anyone? help??
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    Pretty sure that's the only way to do it
    Xp on one partition
    Vista on another partition
    Both on the same HardDrive

    In your case, I believe you have hurt the boot configuration
    In Xp on the file boot.ini
    And in Vista, on repairing the boot configuration
    You'll need to fix this with a Vista disc

    But if you don't have a Vista DVD, is it installed on the computer as a setup image?
    Or how do you re-install (or repair) Vista without your disc?
    Legally to receive Vista pre-installed on a new computer, you will either be given a Vista DVD (or image DVD) Or it will be on the HardDrive, with one of those startup function keys, like press F11 (or some other key) to re-install Vista.
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    k thanks ill try it and get back to you
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    This happens every time you install Vista before and then XP. Thus for making it working you will need to use Vista Boot Pro and then change the booting.

    The best is that you make the installation of Win XP making two partition and you choose C: for XP then make a new installation for Vista and put it on the second one...

    Also install XP before and then install Vista after and you won't have any problems...
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    Try this

    Hi have a go at this web site it has all sorts of tools hints and tips - it helped me and I am a complete novice - now all is well in my world .... recovery-cds.com
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