Dual monitor connected to laptop issue

I have two LG monitors and an Aser Nitro 5 laptop. Laptop only has one HDMI port (not two) and requires direct connection w/o a converter. The the one HDMI is taken up by one monitor, I need to find another monitor that has a USBC in port so I can connect directly to the laptops C port. Suggestions on a monitor for $200 or so or under that might have that kind of a port or any other suggestion how to get both monitors working. An HDMI to USBC converter won't work. thanks
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Look for a 'Y' connector

PC --- Y
         ---- monitor#2
most frequently this is done using DVI over HDMI
will the Y splitter still allow me to have different content on the two screens or since it's coming from just one HDMI out will it then only allow the same content on both screens? thank you