Duke Nukem Forever goes gold



Sure... I believe it when I see it fully boxed on retail store shelves.


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Lokalaskurar said:
Doesn't Duke say "After 12 f***ing years, it better be!" in the trailer? :p
Yeah epic comment rite there sir.

What is this word you speak of?

Ill just wait till some people play it and then buy it if they said is good, i love the sarcasm comments in the trailer but i rather not preorder anything else in my life.


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I think I'd be okay with not playing this game. There's no way it will be able to compare with my memories of DN3D.


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So I have to preorder the game to get the demo, WTF? Don't you play the demo BEFORE you buy something?


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You get EARLY access to the demo, a few days later it'll be released for everyone else. Also, if you've already bought Borderlands on Steam, you already have a code for the first access club. It doesn't even have to be the GoTY edition, I bought the standard game on sale over a year ago, and I got a code last week. It shows up when you right click on the game and select "show CD key".


This must mean the Rapture actually happened and we have truly ascended to Heaven.


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5 bucks says it starts showing up on bit torrent sites within 24 hours.
Not only that, probably 50% of them will be bug ridden with malware ;)


Favourite phrase from Titanic comes to mind - "But this ship can't sink!" :)