DVB-S card out to TV

By redneckbcer
May 18, 2008
  1. I have a Twinhan 1020 card installed on my computer which is xp operating system. I am able to watch satelite tv on my monitor. It will not allow me to run video & audio out to my TV's. I want to try to get video & audio out to my TV's around the house. I do have have a transmitter with the standard yellow video,white & red audios (also RF out) on it so it can send a signal out to my tv's. My question is, is there a video card with your standard yellow video out & red & white audio out & RF out? I have extra pci slots for any video card that will go into my pc. If anybody could help me out with which video card to suit my needs here would be much apprieciated. Thanks
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