DVD Cloner 5 - help convert to AVI

By morgandy
Mar 11, 2008
  1. I purchased the package this morning from Herman Street ; it is supposed to include conversion to AVI, WMV, etc when you copy your DVD's. It is supposed to be bundled into the package I bought. However, there appears to be separate components to purchase to do this. Has anyone used this software? And have you successfully used all the features advertised? See this link for features. I need a lot of help with different options, and of course they are unresponsive.

    Not sure if this is the right forum, please let me know if I should put this in a different one.

    Thanks greatly...

    Features: Bundled with DVD Cloner 5 is the ability to convert your DVDs to multiple formats using DVD to AVI, DVD to MPEG and DVD to SVCD. Typically this would require expensive additional software, but with version 5 it's already included.

    This software also has the ability to copy to your hard drive, which is a useful, energy saving feature for laptops.

    Herman Street Site is the creator..I am unable to post links until I hit a 5 post count. :
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    Is this the one? dvd-to-divx.com/dtaindex And will it work with the Cloner 5 that is made by Herman Street? (had to leave out the http etc., almost at my 5 posts though!

    Also, really stupid question most likely, but, in experimenting so far with the software, I selected just one portion of a movie to save to my hd. These are the files that resulted:



    How do I then play these back, or render them into a playable format?

    Thank you greatly!
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