Build a PC DVD drive stops writing after about 3gig

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I have Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista.

I did a search of the postings but didn't see anything that relates to my issue here.

I'm trying to backup all of my picture files onto DVDs. I'm basically selecting about 4gigs worth of files, right clicking and selecting "Send to DVD RW drive"

The status pop-up says that it will take about three hours to finish. I made sure that the power settings would NOT shut the computer down before the burning is complete.

It stops before completing the burn. No errors or anything. Any ideas?



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This is not a solution. It is a suggestion to capture a successful 'burn' to the DVDRW. Write a single file to the media, burn it, and then examine the file burned to the media. Examine the events logs that show the start and completion of the processes. Contrast this to what happens for the problem you're having.

When you state "stopped", this suggests that the process has released the drive - that is, the process is not hung. I take this to mean that ejecting the media received no indication of any files pending a write.

Your description did not indicate if the media was spoiled by the burn. Spoiled meaning that the media was not properly closed. Inserting the media should attract attention if it cannot be mounted (opened for write, meaning the media was not finalized). If it was finalized, are any files found on the media?

Forgive me for being imprecise with terms: raw, closed, finalized.

For experimenting, RW media may save a little on the costs. All brands of media are not equal - some drives are fussy. Remember that RW media behaves different from +r/-r media.


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Have you tried using a third-party burning program like ImgBurn? Check out this page for some free burning software. Out of all of those, I recommend avoiding DeepBurn. It screwed up my system on a number of occasions. The others are great, but ImgBurn is the best IMO.
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