DVD drive that won't read purchased DVD's

By jimbabwe
Nov 14, 2009
  1. I've got a dvd drive that will read and write dvd r's but nothing that I've purchased except older games. It also won't write dvd rw's anymore. I've heard this might be a virus or perhaps a wrecked drive and I'm this close to buying a new one since they're not too pricey anymore. If anyone can think of any reason that this might be a software issue I could use the advice
    My stuff:
    pioneer dvr 216
    windows vista 32 basic
    e8400 3ghz
    4 gb ram
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  3. AnaTom

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    In the Control Box

    there is the Regional Settings. It adjusts time for the world and all that.

    The disk players have to be set to regions, so that languages and so on that are part of the CD, will work there (here).

    In setting all this BS, you also set the dc players. Some are factory tweaked so that if you adjust the region any more than say 3 times, the thing gives up the ghost.

    Its a mongrel, and part of planned redundancy.

    Try finding the regionalsettings things. There might be a program on the net to reset then cd player.

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