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Pardon me if I put this thread in the wrong place. Being new, I'm just alittle lost!! Anyhow, I had this 'incorrect function' when trying to get my Sony DRU-830A to read a DVD. It would read a CD just fine, but it kept throwing up that 'incorrect function' error when I tried to play a DVD. I tried eveything I knew too do and followed the instructions in a similar post on this forum, but with no luck. However, I did find something that did work. After about 2 hours of trying every trick in the book, I cleared the CMOS. I took the battery from the motherboard and left it out for about 5 minutes, and when I re-installed it and re-booted, the DVD player worked perfectly!! Granted, this may not work for everyone, but if you're to the point where this problem is getting on your last may just help. Sure, I had to reset some of my settings in the BIOS, but it was well worth it!! Hope this will help someone!!


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interesting little trick, and im glad it got it working, is a bit wierd though why it happened in the first place.

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Well, open mouth...insert foot!!! My remedy for the 'incorrect function' did work....for about 10 minutes!! Shortly after I posted, the darn thing went south again. This time I went to the Sony website and put the DVD player through their drive test and e-mailed the test to them. I called them the next day, as per their instructions, and learned that it had a 'hardware error' which was creating the 'incorrect function' error. So, in short, I'll be buying a new DVD player in the next day or two!! Of course, my old one's warranty had expired!! I've had pretty good luck with my Samsung SATA DVD\CD\RW drive in my other machine, so I think I'll just get another one of those. They are something like $25.00 on Newegg. Oh well, 'live and learn!!!'
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