DVD wont play sound after being burned

  1. I have cyberlink DVD suite and I just burnt a movie for myself. the movie plays fine but I dont hear any sound long into the movie. I played the movie file I used in a media player on my computer to make sure the file was good and had sound and it did but for some reason the sound isnt being burned along with the video. I have an older version of cyberlink, its version 5, but I dont think that would matter. this has actually never happened to me before, I have never had this kind of trouble making DVD's. is there a codec I am missing or something?
  2. captaincranky

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    Could it be this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinavia

    On some discs which are also available in Blu-ray, I think the Cinavia DRM might be carried over to the DVD. And Cinavia kills the sound in the copy.
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    Not likely. I downloaded these particular movies a while back and I have burned them before. I needed to reformat my computer and I just never got to installing my dvd burning software again. also I managed to find another burner called DVDStyler and I have burned almost all the movies I want and every one of them has sound. kinda dissapointed that I cant use my old burner because it gave me more options when customizing my dvd.

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