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E Key Not Working, Switched Keyboard -Still Not Working

By mdcupello
Oct 11, 2016
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  1. My MacBook "e" key stopped working,

    Didn't work in recovery drive either + Worked on external keyboard so deemed it a hardware issue.

    Ordered keyboard replacement,switched it , booted and still no "e" button functionality?! (Also sound not working anymore after the replacement + screen flashes repeatedly for about a minute after initial boot then goes back to normal, any ideas why?)

    I'm stumped at this point can it be an issue with the motherboard?

    Also , strangely, after booting into recovery and testing it in terminal - right away "e" one after another with out me doing anything and wouldn't stop until I clicked another key. At which point "e" would not work when pressed.?

    please help thank you!

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