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Sep 23, 2006
  1. Tmagic650

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    "So I don't know why anyone is upset at me for pointing out that you guys are chasing the wrong problem, or at least not logically backing it up. Just because Tmagic650 sees a lot of broken eMachines doesn't mean that the power supply or the motherboard on this one is bad. Put some logic and explanations behind why if you are going to make suggestions that something seemingly unrelated is causing the problems. Tie them together somehow."

    Again SNGX1275,
    your suggestions here are not wrong in anyway. Normally "low disk space" can be caused by a software issue alone. I have seen this many times with Adobe Photoshop and Wordperfect on older computers. making the swapfile larger or increasing virtual memory are logical choices. It is just that the Emachines motherboard are so "crippled" that any problem, and I mean any problem starts with looking at the power supply and motherboard first. I'm sorry, but that's the way Emachines are
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