E8400 Wolfdale motherboard Suggestions Needed

By Route44
Sep 16, 2008
  1. This isn't for me, but a friend. He lives in England and wants to upgrade from his current 939 system. He wants the E8400 Wolfdale (and nothing else will do; I tried :cool:) and asks for suggestions for a motherboard.

    I am woefully void of knowledge on what motherboards would work with this 45nm processor. Here are a few his parameters:

    1. He doesn't/won't overclock.

    2. He doesn't want SLi or Crossfire.

    3. He needs something rock stable; no need for all the extras or the tweaking. Stock will do him fine.

    He is significantly limited in PC knowledge and that is why stable and steady is very important.

  2. Tmagic650

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  3. Route44

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    TMagic650, thanks for the reply. I believe the board you linked to is the one he is going to purchase or one very similar.

    Appreciate the help; it was exactly what was needed.
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