EA patents system that generates in-game content and ads based on your playstyle


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Forward-looking: Many people fall into specific categories when they play games: an explorer who seeks out every inch of a map; a completionist who needs to earn every trophy; a Leeroy Jenkins-type that rashly runs headlong into each battle. EA knows this and has filed a patent that could determine a player's type and generate in-game content based on this information. Being Electronic Arts, it would also be used to show ads based on their playstyle.

The Persona Driven Dynamic Content Framework patent, originally spotted by Op Attack (via Exputer/VGC), describes a way of determining a 'player persona' based on the available gameplay information. These personas include 'explorer,' 'competitor,' 'collector,' 'support,' 'combatant,' 'tank/lead,' 'commander,' and 'completionist.' What's interesting is that the gameplay styles can be tracked across multiple games, not just one.

Part of the patent describes the system using the determined playstyle to dynamically tailor the game specifically for that player, perhaps by adding or subtracting more enemies, puzzles, or loot drops. Another possibility is giving out certain character traits or items that complement a playstyle.

A less enticing-sounding option is for the information to be used in what looks a lot like targeted advertising. It could recommend another game that suits a particular playstyle, maybe a bullet hell or Soulslike title for someone who keeps diving headlong into tough battles, for example. Or perhaps it'll suggest buying a specific item or piece of DLC based on your persona.

Not all patents end up in the real world, of course, but this one sounds like something with the potential to benefit gamers and companies. EA's Patent Pledge allows other developers to use five of its patents without the risk of being sued, so the technology could one day become a common feature in games.

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Back in the 80s Electronic Arts' games were an example of quality.

Now...they are dead to me.
when I started gaming in the early 90's I remember thinking of EA very fondly. Imagine the games we could have today if EA hadn't currupted themselves.


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If they spent more time and effort on game development rather than working out how to part us from our cash.. They'd probably make great games that we would want to spend money on!!

oh well....


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I can tell you what I think of this in one word "NOPE"

As I see it this will be what happens in the near future when this type of thing becomes the new normal. Honest people will of coarse buy the game so they can say they didn't steal the game and then go and find the cracked version and just play that offline without the intrusive ads or online requirements to serve up those intrusive ads.


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Problem with targeted advertising is less "targeted" but more like "suppression fire targeting" where you are reminded constantly. "I heard you like Souls-like, here is Demons Soul. Here is Dark Souls. Here is Sekrio. Here is Lords of the Fallen. Here is Nioh. Here is Dark Souls again! Oh, did you hear about Dark Souls? I think you will like Dark Souls." The thing is, unless other companies pay EA for ads, the product recommendation will probably be restricted to EA titles which will make the recommendation a hot pile of garbage.

Though what I really think this system is designed to do is, you should had seen it coming, micro transactions. Things are not as complicated as one may think, the whole playstyle thing is to just target MT items in your face better. If I am a thief like character as a main, is it in their interest to keep showing me the shiny guardian armor which I have very little interest in it seems? Of course not.

Same thing with lootboxes, the gambler mentality. You aren't getting someone addicted by having them lose every time, you want them to win small to get them hooked and then bleed them dry once they are addicted. Same analogy as above, you aren't enticing me with lootboxes if all I get is guardian greatsword skins. But, if you give me some lower tier dagger skins, then you might entice me (hypothetically) in trying to gamble for the higher tier skins.