Early 90's ASCII game..

  1. May or may not be the right place to post this, sorry if it isn't.

    Ages back, I had this disc with a bunch of shareware games on it. My memory is taunting me with the absence of the name of this game, so I'm coming to you guys, maybe someone here knows what I'm talking about:

    You played as a Yellow Smileyface, and the background was blue. You dropped little yellow diamonds which acted as mines, and these little black(or grey or something) asterisk things would spawn at certain spawners (cant remember what they looked like) and charge directly at you. You had to use the mines to defend yourself as you roamed around breaking the spawners to beat the level... Please tell me someone knows what I'm talking about.

    If it helps: the disc it was on was orange and black, and on the disc the game's exe was called minee.exe
    Don't ask why I only remember that.

    Does anyone know what this game is called?
  2. TomSEA

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    A lot of those games have been converted to ROM games using an emulator now. I know it's a needle in a haystack but you might want to check out the various ROM websites. Here's a good place to start:


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