EE set to launch the UK's first 4G network months ahead of rivals


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The UK's first superfast 4G mobile broadband network is set to launch after wireless operator Everything Everywhere announced it will start to roll out its fourth-generation wireless service to four cities including London within weeks and increase coverage to 16...

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Um, I thought Ofcom's duties were supposed to encourage competition and prevent monopolies, etc?


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Yeah, but EE already had the air waves to pull it off, all the other providers didn't, and from my understanding (I could be wrong) but because the other providers have been trying to stop EE from using its own spectrum for 4G they have also stopped Ofcom from starting the bidding and dividing the remaining spectrum (I also believe now that analog TV has been switched off they are going to be using some of that space) either way I really don't care as I've been an Orange customer since I was 14 years old, If I get 4G services all the better for me! and to make things sweeter, I've heard from the great Vine that EE have been in talks with Apple over whether the new iPhone will run 4G on its network.


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There have been so many Delays in 4G roll out. I hope the other nettworks don't get there way and DELAY IT AGAIN

its there OWN DAM FAULT they can't offer 4G yet for making such a hoo haa about who gets which bit of the spectrum forcing the auction of it to be delayed time after time after time.

I am looking forward to being able to get a 4G Dongle for my home PC (I live in Bristol one of the first citys to get it) It may even be faster than the fixed Virgin Media fiber line I have. (currently only get 10meg with option up upgrade to 50, which would be doubled to 120 sometime next year)