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Jul 14, 2015
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  1. I have an older eMachines Desktop PC model EL1360G which has a 200 watt power supply.
    I would like to upgrade it to at least a 400 watt power supply.
    Does anyone have a suggestion as to where or what I should buy? I watched a few videos on youtube on how to do the replacement but how do I know all the plugs on the new unit are the same and will fit? Because if they don't, I'll be more confused than I already am.
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  3. Doctor Gallop

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    Of course I should have opened the PC and see what the unit looked like before I asked the question, but I'm using the pc to post. I will check and get back to you. Thank you.
  4. Doctor Gallop

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    Problem has been solved. Thank you.
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    Can power supplies be related to vpn? I don'tthink so but I just want to suggest to have one. Be safe always!
  6. Beleg

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    Sorry for resurecting, but I've got an el1352, and I'm thinking about the same thing, I want more than the stock 220w psu...
    what did you end up with?
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    I have an O L D Gateway system just about the vintage of your eMachine.

    Instead of nursing along this geriatric system, you would be time and effort ahead IMO, to jump into the 21st century with a total replacement - - maybe even consider a good laptop for it's high capability, low cost and much smaller footprint on the desk.
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  9. Beleg

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  10. Beleg

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    I modded the fan on the 300w psu with a fan controller, and I also bought a unbranded "amd 4 copper tube silent" low profile cpu cooler, and that brought temps way down, and it is now a silent htpc/sleeper gamer (GT 1030, 8gb ram, x4 945) ;)

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