Employees don't want to return to the office... but bosses do. Job satisfaction 62% higher...


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And the next article will be about not being able to find employees because of....I am not buying the BAD manager routine. They are the boss. It is not as if they are bad officers getting people killed. Employees need to get over not having their *** kissed and a badge that reads "I'm Today's Special"
Hahahahaha, hahahaha, kettle meet pot.


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Correction: *BAD* bosses are ready to return, mostly because they're not good at managing people without the petty bs of micromanaging and the office politics.

Good bosses like the fact that almost all remote employees have consistently shown their productivity goes *up* directly because the lack of commute and the additional expenses that incurs while still being able to get their jobs done just fine.

I get way more crap done at home than an office .. Yes I have more ''possible'' distractions .. but for a boss those *****s distracted to much with home crap show lower work dome and are easy to weed out.

I can take a break and a nap, lunch is 50 feet away if I stay home, I poop in my own bathroom, no commute ... love it


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Read the Microsoft study on this. You’re wrong - WFH has been shown to reduce productivity. The fact it’s still being used as an excuse for delays by the very same workers who claim it increases productivity shows they can’t be objective

Guess I'm weird .. I get more done as evidenced by more bonuses and no mention of being forced back into a covid filled death box (cubes)


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I gave up the unhealthy and miserable office life a few years ago now. But if I were still in the rat race I’d be back in the office as soon as possible. I’m quite a social person, the idea of working from home remotely permanently is dreadful. I’d be a lot more productive in an office than at home personally.

Of course if your boss wants you back in then you go back in. Nobody has the right to work from home.
It's a 2 way street, If the job can be done remotely do it remotely, that isn't to say as a boss you cannot demand results, as results are what actually matters, how they are achieved is no one's concern, I mean as long as people aren't sacrificing their first born in the basement to achieve that.
You are a social butterfly, ok, but to a company water-cooler breaks typically mean you have employees getting on each other's nerves, especially when the work stress increases, fighting, sexual harassment, and several other social issues and corporate liability are completely cut out when employees are not in physical, also it can help keep out those nasty employee management relationships that cause issues or employee relations that cause tension in the office.

Grant it both sides have merits but a transition should take place, allow people to work from home save them gas and transportation costs as well as eliminate the risks of incidents too and from work, people typically work harder and better under pressure in more comfortable environments, make sure employees understand the rules, also fire the management that isn't needed and purchase less costing facilities, minimize costs and corporate overhead, make management easier and do more with less people while hiring more regular workers to enhance production.
Seems like people don't see the value here.....either way it will lead to more money in shareholders pockets.


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I’m a fan of hybrid, 1-2 days in the office works well for me. I’m not going to an office everyday, I’d definitely move companies immediately if that was mandated. But I also don’t want to be full time remote as it is pretty isolating and I would like to meet people semi-regularly to build and maintain professional relationships.

In a tight labour market, companies can use hybrid and remote to attract people which can be really key. If there is plentiful supply in your field of work, maybe companies won’t choose to offer that benefit because plenty of other people will do the work.

Hybrid lets me live outside a capital city, my living costs are much lower and so I’m happy to trade flexibility for lower compensation when considering offers.
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As a boss, I want to return to the office work, with or without the employees. This pandemic reveal to me that there are actually lots of redundancies. If in the end the employees won't return I would not force them. They can choose freely, fair and square.


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No mention here of the "at home" situation for these workers that return. Most executives are older and have families, so the last thing they want is to stay home when the wife and kids are around cause ANYONE who's in that situation knows your work is nowhere near as good when ure in a dedicated office.


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A few years ago, there was a study that showed that most managers are psychopaths - the higher rhe position, the sicker they are in the head.
So... There you go.


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All of my meetings are using zoom etc.
But in office I can't use wired microphone while wearing n95 mask. It simply didn't work.
Office proxy servers also blocks whatsapp, so can't use desktop whatsapp app in laptop.
None of above problems happens when wfh