Enabling Onboard Graphics

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Hi there. My graphics card has been getting to 80C* + and the PC has been freezing regularly because of this. So, i've decided to enable the onboard graphics, but im having trouble doing so.


Motherboard - DFI LanParty JR 790GX M2RS
Bios - Phoenix "Award Winning...something"

Tried taking the graphics card out and plugging the monitor directly into the DVI-I output from the motherboard - That didnt work.

I've tried looking through the Bios to enable Onboard graphics, but none of the options are written plainly enough for me to understand.

Also, the disk that came with the motherboard; when opened has options of installing "Chipset / Graphics / Raid " etc. The graphics option gives you the choice to install both 64 and 32 bit. I installed both as I wasnt sure.

I;m not sure which options have been installed previously and which may need to be installed for this to work.

I'd greatly apprecaite it if someone could give me some clear directions on how enable my Onboard graphics, or some sort of guide through my Bios, thanks.


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First off, please give detailed specs about your PC. What OS are you running? Removing the graphics card just because its getting hot and switching to the onboard adapter is no solution.

Read this page to determine your OS Version (64 or 32 Bit).

Also to enable onboard graphics:
1. Uninstall all present video / graphics drivers
2. Remove your graphics card
3. Plug the monitor to the mobo VGA adapter and start the PC
4. In BIOS select onboard graphics
5. Install the correct drivers from the motherboard support CD


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If you remove the graphics card, you need to reset the BIOS to defaults. Then re-boot and see if it works.

Repost with results.

-- Andy
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